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Twenty Five Dollar

1986 - 2016


Australia Sovereign2005 - 15FIFA World Cup Germany2006Diamond Jubilee2012The Land Down Under2013 - 14Royal Babies2013 - 15ANZAC Spirit2014 - 15Longest Reigning Monarch2015Popular Culture2015Golden Eagle1986 - 89Fathers Day1987Ruby Well1988Red Kangaroo1989 - 90Grey Kangaroo1990 - 91Common Wallaroo1991 - 92Nailtailed Wallaby1992 - 93Whiptail Wallaby1993 - 94Kangaroo Type IX1994 - 95Kangaroo Type X1995 - 96Kangaroo Type XI1996 - 97Kangaroo Type XII1997 - 98Kangaroo Type XIII1998 - 99Kangaroo Type XIV1999 - 2000Kangaroo Type XV2000 - 01Kangaroo Type XVI2001 - 02Kangaroo Type XVII2002 - 03Kangaroo Type XVIII2003 - 04Kangaroo Type XIX2004 - 05Kangaroo Type XX2005 - 06Kangaroo Type XXII2008Kangaroo Type XXIII2009Kangaroo Type XXIV2010Kangaroo Type XXV2011Kangaroo Type XXVI2012Kangaroo Type XXVII2013Kangaroo Type XXVIII2014Standing Kangaroo2007Koala Type I1988 - 89Koala Type II1989 - 90Koala Type III1990 - 91Koala Type IV1991 - 92Koala Type V1992 - 93Koala Type VI1993 - 94Koala Type VII1994 - 95Koala Type VIII1995 - 96Koala Type IX1996 - 97Koala Type X1997 - 98Koala Type XI1998 - 99Koala Type XII1999 - 2000Koala Type XIII2000Koala Type XIV2001Koala Type XV2002Koala Type XVI2003Koala Type XVII2004Koala Type XVIII2005Lunar Mouse1996 - 2008Lunar Ox1997 - 2009Lunar Tiger1998 - 2010Lunar Rabbit1999 - 2011Lunar Dragon2000 - 12Lunar Snake2001 - 13Lunar Horse2002 - 14Lunar Goat2003 - 15Lunar Monkey2004 - 16Lunar Rooster2005Lunar Dog2006Lunar Pig2007
Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here.   MintageMS67Golden Eagle1987-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar161,112 Golden Eagle1988-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar66,971 Golden Eagle1989-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar89,878 Red Kangaroo1990-P Twenty Five Dollar86,303 Grey Kangaroo1991-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar77,833 Common Wallaroo1992-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar100,000 Nailtailed Wallaby1993-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar95,412 Whiptail Wallaby1994-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar116,182 Kangaroo Type IX1995-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar85,321 Kangaroo Type X1996-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar150,000 Kangaroo Type XI1997-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar128,708 Kangaroo Type XII1998-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar51,327 Kangaroo Type XIII1999-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar42,952 Kangaroo Type XIV2000-P GoldTwenty Five Dollars35,579 Kangaroo Type XV2001-P GoldTwenty Five Dollars19,898 Kangaroo Type XVI2002-P GoldTwenty Five Dollars19,772 Kangaroo Type XVII2003-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar23,580 Kangaroo Type XVIII2004-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar25,537 Kangaroo Type XIX2005-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar24,975 Kangaroo Type XX2006-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar17,009 Kangaroo Type XXII2008-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar18,611 Kangaroo Type XXIII2009-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar31,942 Kangaroo Type XXIV2010-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar26,143 Kangaroo Type XXV2011-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar18,518 Kangaroo Type XXVI2012-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar26,526 Kangaroo Type XXVII2013-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar32,198 Kangaroo Type XXVIII2014-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar10,075 Standing Kangaroo2007-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar18,351 Koala Type I1988-P PlatinumTwenty Five Dollar62,666 Koala Type I1989-P PlatinumTwenty Five Dollar64,319 Koala Type II1990-P PlatinumTwenty Five Dollar3,619 Koala Type III1991-P PlatinumTwenty Five Dollar6,271 Koala Type IV1992-P PlatinumTwenty Five Dollar6,581 Koala Type V1993-P PlatinumTwenty Five Dollar11,646 Koala Type VI1994-P PlatinumTwenty Five Dollar7,618 Koala Type VII1995-P PlatinumTwenty Five Dollar4,715 Koala Type VIII1996-P PlatinumTwenty Five Dollar3,314 Koala Type IX1997-P PlatinumTwenty Five Dollar1,586 Koala Type X1998-P PlatinumTwenty Five Dollar1,321 Koala Type XI1999-P PlatuinumTwenty Five Dollar1,404 Koala Type XII1999-P Proof PlatuinumTwenty Five Dollar400 Koala Type XII2000-P PlatuinumTwenty Five Dollar762 Lunar Mouse1996-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,390 Lunar Mouse2008-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar5,541 Lunar Ox1997-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar2,904 Lunar Ox2009-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar7,750 Lunar Tiger1998-P GoldTwenty-Five Dollar5,683 Lunar Tiger2010-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar11,771 Lunar Rabbit1999-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar5,893 Lunar Rabbit2011-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar11,101 Lunar Dragon2000-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar20,148720Lunar Dragon2012-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar18,620840Lunar Snake2001-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar8,436 Lunar Snake2013-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar16,159720Lunar Horse2002-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar10,187 Lunar Horse2014-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar8,208 Lunar Goat2003-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar8,479 Lunar Monkey2004-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar7,284 Lunar Rooster2005-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar6,450 Lunar Dog2006-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar6,009 Lunar Pig2007-P GoldTwenty Five Dollar6,486 Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here.   MintagePR67DCAMAustralia Sovereign2010-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar2,500 Sovereign Type I2014-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,500830Sovereign Type I2015-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,398 Australia First Sovereign2005-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar7,500 FIFA World Cup Germany2006-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar25,000 HM Queen Diamond Jubilee2012-P Proof GoldTwenty Five DollarUnknown HM Queen Diamond Jubilee2012-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,000 The Land Down Under2013-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,000 The Land Down Under2013-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,000 The Land Down Under2013-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,000 The Land Down Under2014-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,000 The Land Down Under2014-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,000 The Land Down Under2014-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,000 The Land Down Under2014-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,000 Royal Babies2013-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,000 Royal Babies2015-P Proof SilverTwenty Five Dollar1,000 ANZAC Spirit2014-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,000 ANZAC Spirit2015-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,000 Longest Reigning Monarch2015-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,000 Bruce Lee2015-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,000 Back to the Future2015-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,000 Golden Eagle1986-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar15,000 Father's Day1987-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar13,692 Ruby Well1988-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar9,456 Red Kangaroo1989-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar9,726 Grey Kangaroo1990-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar4,560 Common Wallaroo1991-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,651 Nailtailed Wallaby1992-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,093 Whiptail Wallaby1993-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar1,193 Whiptail Wallaby1993-P Proof Gold Eagle PrivyTwenty Five Dollar500 Whiptail Wallaby1993-P Proof Gold Fok PrivyTwenty Five Dollar200 Kangaroo Type IX1994-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar500 Kangaroo Type X1995-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar500 Kangaroo Type XI1996-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar750 Kangaroo Type XII1997-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar800 Kangaroo Type XIII1998-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollar800 Kangaroo Type XIV1999-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollars850 Kangaroo Type XV2000-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollars1,050 Kangaroo Type XVI2001-P Proof GoldTwenty Five Dollars1,150 12Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. Uncertified coins or coins graded by other services would likely be worth significantly less. For wholesale pricing please refer to the Red Sheet. While all attempts to ensure accurate pricing, data entry errors can occur and as such no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information published on this website. It is important to verify all published sales to ensure the accuracy of the pricing when making any purchase decision. Any personal information provided to us is protected by the Privacy Act 1988.