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Ten Dollar

1991 - 2014


Kookaburra Evolution2001 - 05ANZAC 90th Anniversary2005Kookaburra Type I1991 - 93Kookaburra Type IV1992Kookaburra Type V1993 - 94Kookaburra Type VI1994 - 95Kookaburra Type VII1995 - 96Kookaburra Type VIII1996 - 97Kookaburra Type IX1997 - 98Kookaburra Type X1998 - 99Kookaburra Type XI1999 - 2000Kookaburra Type XII2000 - 01Kookaburra Type XIII2002Kookaburra Type XIV2003Kookaburra Type XV2004Kookaburra Type XVI2005Kookaburra Type XVII2006Kookaburra Type XVIII2007Kookaburra Type XIX2008Kookaburra Type XX2009Kookaburra Type XXI2010Kookaburra Type XXII2011Kookaburra Type XXIII2012Kookaburra Type XXIV2013Kookaburra Type XXV2014Koala Type I2008Koala Type II2009Koala Type III2010Koala Type IV2011Koala Type V2012Koala Type VI2013Koala Type VII2014Lunar Rabbit1999 - 2011Lunar Dragon2000 - 12Lunar Snake2001 - 13Lunar Horse2002 - 14Lunar Goat2003Lunar Monkey2004Lunar Rooster2005Lunar Dog2006Lunar Pig2007Lunar Mouse2008Lunar Ox2009Lunar Tiger2010
Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here.  MintageMS67Kookaburra Type I1992-P Silver29,576 Kookaburra Type I1993-P Silver10,161 Kookaburra Type V1994-P Silver11,231 Kookaburra Type VI1995-P Silver9,894 Kookaburra Type VII1996-P Silver7,557 Kookaburra Type VIII1997-P Silver7,880 Kookaburra Type IX1998-P Silver5,424 Kookaburra Type X1999-P Silver4,012 Kookaburra Type XI2000-P Silver4,790 Kookaburra Type XII2001-P Silver2,766 Kookaburra Type XIII2002-P Silver2,438 Kookaburra Type XIV2003-P Silver3,558 Kookaburra Type XV2004-P Silver2,270 Kookaburra Type XVI2005-P Silver2,112 Kookaburra Type XVII2006-P Silver2,999 Kookaburra Type XVIII2007-P Silver5,993 Kookaburra Type XIX2008-P Silver17,213 Kookaburra Type XX2009-P Silver13,360 Kookaburra Type XXI2010-P Silver18,782 Kookaburra Type XXII2011-P Silver45,901 Kookaburra Type XXIII2012-P Silver25,608 Kookaburra Type XXIV2013-P Silver24,481640Kookaburra Type XXV2014-P Silver14,806 Koala Type I2008-P Silver4,367 Koala Type II2009-P Silver6,556 Koala Type III2010-P Silver12,928 Koala Type IV2011-P Silver10,051 Koala Type V2012-P Silver17,132 Koala Type VI2013-P Silver15,642 Koala Type VII2014-P Silver5,959 Lunar Rabbit1999-P Silver2,486 Lunar Rabbit2011-P Silver12,563 Lunar Dragon2000-P Silver7,926670Lunar Dragon2012-P Silver47,390510Lunar Snake2001-P Silver3,962 Lunar Snake2013-P Silver28,213 Lunar Horse2002-P Silver5,537 Lunar Horse2014-P Silver12,412 Lunar Goat2003-P Silver6,974 Lunar Monkey2004-P Silver3,735 Lunar Rooster2005-P Silver2,775 Lunar Dog2006-P Silver2,813 Lunar Pig2007-P Silver3,061 Lunar Mouse2008-P Silver3,718 Lunar Ox2009-P Silver9,020 Lunar Tiger2010-P Silver16,727 Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here.  MintagePR67DCAMKookaburra Evolution2001-P Proof Silver Calendar1,500 Kookaburra Evolution2002-P Proof Silver Time1,500 Kookaburra Evolution2003-P Proof Silver Alphabet1,500 Kookaburra Evolution2004-P Proof Silver Numbers1,500 Kookaburra Evolution2005-P Proof Silver Knowledge1,500 Australian Reverse2005-P Proof Gold1,000 New Zealand Reverse2005-P Proof Gold1,000 Kookaburra Type I1991-P Proof Silver5,500 Kookaburra Type IV1992-P Proof Silver2,500 Kookaburra Type V1993-P Proof Silver1,495 Kookaburra Type V1993-P Proof Silver Eagle Privy500 Kookaburra Type VI1994-P Proof Silver1,224 Kookaburra Type VII1995-P Proof Silver1,280 Kookaburra Type VII1995-P Proof Silver USA Eagle Privy800 Kookaburra Type VIII1996-P Golden Eagle Privy Proof Silver800 Kookaburra Type VIII1996-P Proof Silver1,600 Kookaburra Type IX1997-P Proof Silver1,600 Kookaburra Type X1998-P Proof Silver850 Kookaburra Type XI1999-P Proof Silver1,350 Kookaburra Type XII2000-P Proof Silver650 Lunar Rabbit1999-P Proof Silver500 Lunar Dragon2000-P Proof Silver500 Lunar Snake2001-P Proof Silver500 Lunar Horse2002-P Proof Silver500 Lunar Goat2003-P Proof Silver500 Lunar Monkey2004-P Proof Silver500 Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. Uncertified coins or coins graded by other services would likely be worth significantly less. For wholesale pricing please refer to the Red Sheet. While all attempts to ensure accurate pricing, data entry errors can occur and as such no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information published on this website. It is important to verify all published sales to ensure the accuracy of the pricing when making any purchase decision. Any personal information provided to us is protected by the Privacy Act 1988.