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Perth Mint

1986 - 2016


Twenty Five Cent1988 - 90Twenty Cent2009Fifty Cent1999 - 2016One Dollar1988 - 2016Two Dollar1992 - 2016Four Dollar2006Five Dollar1989 - 2014Eight Dollar2004 - 15Ten Dollar1991 - 2014Fifteen Dollar1986 - 2016Twenty Dollar2000 - 03Twenty Five Dollar1986 - 2016Thirty Dollar1992 - 2016Forty Dollar1995 - 98Fifty Dollar1986 - 2014One Hundred Dollar1986 - 2016One Hundred Fifty Dollar1991Two Hundred Dollar1991 - 2015Three Hundred Dollar2006 - 13Five Hundred Dollar1991 - 92One Thousand Dollar1992 - 2014Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollar1991 - 92Three Thousand Dollar1992 - 2014Ten Thousand Dollar1991 - 92Thirty Thousand Dollar2006 - 13
Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here.  MintagePR67DCAMHoley Dollar Type I1988-P Proof Silver100,80035Holey Dollar Type II1989-P Proof Silver45,50037Holey Dollar Type III1990-P Proof Silver30,00037Millenium2000-P Proof Silver30,000 Millenium2001-P Proof Silver30,000 Accession of Elizabeth II2002-P Proof Silver40,000 Coronation of Elizabeth II2003-P Proof Silver40,000 Golden Pipeline2003-P Proof Silver5,000 21st Birthday of Prince William2003-P Proof Silver12,500 First Moon Walk2004-P Proof Silver40,000 Eureka Stockade2004-P Proof Silver12,500 Mawson Station2004-P Proof Silver7,500 Leopard Seal2005-P Proof Silver7,500 Edgeworth David Base2006-P Proof Silver Colourised7,500 Davis Station2007-P Proof Silver7,500 Humpback Whale2008-P Proof Silver7,500 South Magnetic Pole2009-P Proof Silver5,516 Husky2010-P Proof Silver7,500 Killer Whale2011-P Proof SilverUnknown110Emperor Penguin2012-P Proof SilverUnknown End of WWII 60th Anniversary2005-P Proof Silver25,75042Australia Reverse2005-P Proof Silver15,000 New Zealand Reverse2005-P Proof Silver15,000 Australian Open Centenary2005-P Proof Silver10,000 21st Birthday of Prince Henry2005-P Proof Silver12,500 PGA Golf Open Centenary2005-P Proof Silver7,500 100 Years of Rotary2005-P Proof Silver7,500 Cocos Keeling Islands2005-P Proof Silver7,500 Figures of Note2006-P Proof Silver Queen Elizabeth II2,500 Figures of Note2006-P Proof Silver Queen Elizabeth II Gold Plated1,000 John Macarthur and William Farrer2006-P Proof Silver2,500 John Macarthur and William Farrer2006-P Proof Silver Gold Plated1,000 Sir Joseph Banks and Caroline Chisholm2006-P Proof Silver2,500 Sir Joseph Banks and Caroline Chisholm2006-P Proof Silver Gold Plated1,000 Francis Greenway and Henry Lawson2006-P Proof Silver2,500 Francis Greenway and Henry Lawson2006-P Proof Silver Gold Plated1,000 Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and Lawrence Hargarve2006-P Proof Silver2,500 Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and Lawrence Hargarve2006-P Proof Silver Gold Plated1,000 Melbourne2006-P Proof Silver5,923 Uluru2006-P Proof Silver5,938 Canberra2006-P Proof Silver4,926 Perth2006-P Proof Silver7,500 Great Barrier Reef2006-P Proof Silver5,751 Gold Coast2007-P Proof Silver4,558 Phillip Island2007-P Proof Silver4,668 Port Arthur2007-P Proof Silver6,105 Adelaide2007-P Proof Silver6,376 Sydney2007-P Proof Silver5,945 Broome2008-P Proof Silver7,251 Darwin2008-P Proof Silver7,318 Brisbane2008-P Proof Silver7,500 Hobart2008-P Proof Silver7,257 Kakadu2008-P Proof Silver7,252 Kangaroo2009-P Proof Silver6,909 Dolphin2009-P Proof Silver5,981 King Brown Snake2009-P Proof Silver5,588 Brolga2009-P Proof Silver5,871 Echidna2009-P Proof Silver5,545 Frilled Neck Lizard2010-P Proof Silver4,210 Koala2010-P Proof Silver4,812 Platypus2010-P Proof Silver4,251 Platypus2010-P Proof Silver4,619 Common Wombat2010-P Proof Silver4,190 Dingo2011-P Proof SilverUnknown Emu2011-P Proof SilverUnknown Kookaburra2011-P Proof SilverUnknown Great White Shark2011-P Proof SilverUnknown Tasmanian Devil2011-P Proof SilverUnknown Kookaburra2012-P Proof Silver7,500 Discover Australia2012-P Proof Silver7,500 Discover Australia2012-P Proof Silver7,500 Discover Australia2012-P Proof Silver7,500 Discover Australiaq2012-P Proof Silver7,500 Discover Australia2012-P Proof Silver7,500 Discover Australia2013-P Proof Silver5,000 Discover Australia2013-P Proof Silver5,000 Deadly and Dangerous2006-P Proof Silver5,000 Deadly and Dangerous2007-P Proof Silver5,000 Deadly and Dangerous2008-P Proof Silver2,500 Deadly and Dangerous2009-P Proof Silver5,000 Deadly and Dangerous2010-P Proof Silver5,000 Deadly and Dangerous2011-P Proof Silver5,000 Deadly and Dangerous2012-P Proof Silver5,000 Deadly and Dangerous2013-P Proof Silver5,000 Deadly and Dangerous2014-P Proof Silver5,000 Deadly and Dangerous2015-P Proof Silver5,000 50th Anniversary of Barry Humphries2006-P Proof Silver6,500 80th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II2006-P Proof Silver12,500 40th Anniversary of Pre-Decimal Coins2006-P Proof Silver7,500 50 years of Australian TV2006-P Proof Silver12,500 Opals2008-P Proof Silver7,500 Diamonds2009-P Proof Silver7,500 Nuggets2010-P Proof Silver7,500 Pearls2011-P Proof SilverUnknown Sapphires2007-P Proof Silver7,500 Great Composers2009-P Proof Silver5,000 Great Composers2010-P Proof Silver5,000 Great Composers2010-P Proof Silver5,000 Celebrate Australia2010-P Proof Silver2,500 Celebrate Australia2011-P Proof Silver2,500 123456789101112131415161718Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. 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