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Perth Mint

1986 - 2016


Twenty Five Cent1988 - 90Twenty Cent2009Fifty Cent1999 - 2016One Dollar1988 - 2016Two Dollar1992 - 2016Four Dollar2006Five Dollar1989 - 2014Eight Dollar2004 - 15Ten Dollar1991 - 2014Fifteen Dollar1986 - 2016Twenty Dollar2000 - 03Twenty Five Dollar1986 - 2016Thirty Dollar1992 - 2016Forty Dollar1995 - 98Fifty Dollar1986 - 2014One Hundred Dollar1986 - 2016One Hundred Fifty Dollar1991Two Hundred Dollar1991 - 2015Three Hundred Dollar2006 - 13Five Hundred Dollar1991 - 92One Thousand Dollar1992 - 2014Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollar1991 - 92Three Thousand Dollar1992 - 2014Ten Thousand Dollar1991 - 92Thirty Thousand Dollar2006 - 13
   MintageMS67MS68MS69MS70Red Kangaroo1996-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar463    Red Kangaroo1997-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar808    Red Kangaroo1998-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar1,487    Red Kangaroo1999-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar397    Red Kangaroo2000-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar132    Red Kangaroo2001-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar113    Red Kangaroo2002-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar61    Red Kangaroo2003-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar133    Red Kangaroo2004-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar120    Red Kangaroo2005-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar189    Red Kangaroo2006-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar155    Red Kangaroo2007-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar131    Red Kangaroo2008-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar185    Red Kangaroo2009-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar140    Red Kangaroo2010-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar149    Red Kangaroo2011-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar143    Red Kangaroo2012-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar191    Red Kangaroo2013-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar311    Red Kangaroo2014-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar92    Koala Type III1997-P PlatinumThree Thousand DollarUnknown    Koala Type V1993-P PlatinumThree Thousand Dollar563    Koala Type VI1994-P PlatinumThree Thousand Dollar75    Koala Type VII1995-P PlatinumThree Thousand Dollar12    Koala Type VIII1996-P PlatinumThree Thousand Dollar94    Koala Type X1998-P PlatinumThree Thousand Dollar12    Koala Type XI1999-P PlatinumThree Thousand Dollar20    Koala Type XI2000-P PlatinumThree Thousand DollarUnknown    Lunar Dragon2000-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar227    Lunar Dragon2012-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar241    Lunar Snake2001-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar156    Lunar Snake2013-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar256    Lunar Horse2002-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar163    Lunar Horse2014-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar155    Lunar Goat2003-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar109    Lunar Monkey2004-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar195    Lunar Rooster2005-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar230    Lunar Dog2006-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar137    Lunar Pig2007-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar114    Lunar Mouse2008-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar55    Lunar Ox2009-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar79    Lunar Tiger2010-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar110    Lunar Rabbit2011-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar153    Red Kangaroo1991-P GoldTen Thousand Dollar8,743    Koala Type IV1992-P PlatinumTen Thousand DollarUnknown    Lunar Dog2006-P GoldThirty Thousand Dollar10    Lunar Pig2007-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar6    Lunar Mouse2008-P GoldThirty Thousand DollarUnknown    Lunar Tiger2010-P GoldThirty Thousand Dollar2    Lunar Dragon2012-P GoldThirty Thousand Dollar3    Lunar Snake2013-P GoldThirty Thousand Dollar11    Kookaburra Type VII1996-P SilverTwo Dollar78,424828399500   MintagePR67DCAMPR68DCAMPR69DCAMPR70DCAMSwan Pattern2009-P ProofTwenty CentUnknown46230300340Dump1988-P Proof SilverTwenty Five Cent100,8006064320420Dump Type II1989-P Proof SilverTwenty Five Cent45,5003234170220Dump Type III1990-P Proof SilverTwenty Five Cent30,000444751260Square Kookaburra Type I2002-P Proof SilverFifty Cent75,350859197490Square Kookaburra Type II2003-P Proof SilverFifty Cent75,350    Square Kookaburra Type III2004-P Proof SilverFifty Cent30,350    Square Kookaburra Type IV2005-P Silver ProofFifty Cent30,350    Lion Fish2009-P Proof SilverFifty Cent10,000    Sea Dragon2009-P Proof SilverFifty Cent10,000    Starfish2011-P Proof SilverFifty Cent10,000    Sea Life2011-P Proof SilverFifty Cent10,000    Sea Life2012-P Proof SilverFifty Cent10,000    Sea Life2012-P Proof SilverFifty Cent10,000    Sea Life2012-P Proof SilverFifty Cent10,000    Birds of Australia2013-P Proof SilverFifty Cent10,000    Birds of Australia2013-P Proof SilverFifty Cent10,000    Birds of Australia2013-P Proof SilverFifty Cent10,000    Birds of Australia2013-P Proof SilverFifty Cent10,000    Birds of Australia2013-P Proof SilverFifty Cent10,000    Giraffee2014-P Proof SilverFifty Cent6,000    Orangutan2014-P Proof SilverFifty Cent6,000    Asian Elephant2014-P Proof SilverFifty Cent6,000    Kangaroo2010-P Proof SilverFifty Cent10,000    Sugar Glider2010-P Proof SilverFifty Cent10,000    Dingo2011-P Proof SilverFifty CentUnknown    Bilby2011-P Proof SilverFifty CentUnknown    Koala2011-P Proof SilverFifty CentUnknown    Kookaburra2012-P Proof SilverFifty CentUnknown    Wombat2013-P Proof SilverFifty CentUnknown    Platypus2013-P Proof SilverFifty CentUnknown    Lunar Rabbit1999-P Proof SilverFifty Cent6,500    Lunar Dragon2000-P Proof SilverFifty Cent6,500    Lunar Dragon2012-P Proof Silver ColourisedFifty Cent10,000    Lunar Snake2001-P Proof SilverFifty Cent6,500    Lunar Snake2013-P Proof SilverFifty CentUnknown    Lunar Snake2013-P Proof Silver ColourisedFifty CentUnknown    Lunar Horse2002-P Proof SilverFifty Cent6,500    Lunar Horse2014-P Proof SilverFifty CentUnknown    Lunar Horse2014-P Proof Silver ColourisedFifty CentUnknown    Lunar Goat2003-P Proof SilverFifty Cent6,500    Lunar Goat2015-P Proof SilverFifty CentUnknown    Lunar Goat2015-P Proof Silver ColourisedFifty CentUnknown    Lunar Monkey2004-P Proof SilverFifty Cent6,500    Lunar Monkey2016-P Proof SilverFifty CentUnknown    Lunar Monkey2016-P Proof Silver ColourisedFifty CentUnknown140200570710Lunar Rooster2005-P Proof SilverFifty Cent6,000    Lunar Dog2006-P Proof SilverFifty Cent6,000    Lunar Pig2007-P Proof SilverFifty Cent6,000    123456789101112131415161718Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. Uncertified coins or coins graded by other services would likely be worth significantly less. For wholesale pricing please refer to the Red Sheet. While all attempts to ensure accurate pricing, data entry errors can occur and as such no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information published on this website. It is important to verify all published sales to ensure the accuracy of the pricing when making any purchase decision. Any personal information provided to us is protected by the Privacy Act 1988.