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Perth Mint

1986 - 2016


Twenty Five Cent1988 - 90Twenty Cent2009Fifty Cent1999 - 2016One Dollar1988 - 2016Two Dollar1992 - 2016Four Dollar2006Five Dollar1989 - 2014Eight Dollar2004 - 15Ten Dollar1991 - 2014Fifteen Dollar1986 - 2016Twenty Dollar2000 - 03Twenty Five Dollar1986 - 2016Thirty Dollar1992 - 2016Forty Dollar1995 - 98Fifty Dollar1986 - 2014One Hundred Dollar1986 - 2016One Hundred Fifty Dollar1991Two Hundred Dollar1991 - 2015Three Hundred Dollar2006 - 13Five Hundred Dollar1991 - 92One Thousand Dollar1992 - 2014Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollar1991 - 92Three Thousand Dollar1992 - 2014Ten Thousand Dollar1991 - 92Thirty Thousand Dollar2006 - 13
   MintageMS67MS68MS69MS70Lunar Dog2006-P GoldOne Hundred Dollar26,334    Lunar Pig2007-P GoldOne Hundred Dollar18,1493,0003,0003,0005,400Red Kangaroo1992-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar7,563    Red Kangaroo1993-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar990    Red Kangaroo1994-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar8,4087,1007,10012,00014,000Red Kangaroo1995-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar6,561    Red Kangaroo1996-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar7,633    Red Kangaroo1997-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar11,388    Red Kangaroo1998-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar4,071    Red Kangaroo2000-P GoldTwo Hundred DollarUnknown    Red Kangaroo1999-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar3,947    Red Kangaroo2001-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar1,981    Red Kangaroo2002-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar1,633    Red Kangaroo2003-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar2,072    Red Kangaroo2004-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar1,766    Red Kangaroo2005-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar2,208    Red Kangaroo2006-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar2,760    Red Kangaroo2007-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar2,398    Red Kangaroo2008-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar3,671    Red Kangaroo2009-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar3,452    Koala Type III1997-P PlatinumTwo Hundred Dollar141    Koala Type V1993-P PlatinumTwo Hundred Dollar1,873    Koala Type VI1994-P PlatinumTwo Hundred Dollar956    Koala Type VII1995-P PlatinumTwo Hundred Dollar216    Koala Type VIII1996-P PlatinumTwo Hundred Dollar229    Koala Type X1998-P PlatinumTwo Hundred Dollar56    Koala Type XI1999-P PlatinumTwo Hundred Dollar153    Koala Type XII2000-P PlatinumTwo Hundred Dollar72    Lunar Dog2006-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar2,460    Lunar Mouse2008 GoldTwo Hundred Dollar677    Lunar Tiger2010-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar5,340    Lunar Rabbit2011-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar4,209    Lunar Dragon2000-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar2,342    Lunar Dragon2012-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar5,986    Lunar Snake2001-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar1,295    Lunar Snake2013-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar6,6936,0006,1006,10010,000Lunar Horse2002-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar1,291    Lunar Horse2014-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar2,162    Lunar Goat2003-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar1,355    Lunar Monkey2004-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar1,470    Lunar Rooster2005-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar2,129    Lunar Pig2007-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar3,613    Lunar Ox2009-P GoldTwo Hundred Dollar1,338    Lunar Dog2006-P SilverThree Hundred Dollar78    Lunar Pig2007-P SilverThree Hundred Dollar105    Lunar Mouse2008-P SilverThirty Dollar35    Lunar Ox2009-P SilverThree Hundred Dollar46    Lunar Tiger2010-P SilverThree Hundred Dollar173    Lunar Rabbit2011-P SilverThree Hundred Dollar173    Lunar Dragon2012-P SilverThree Hundred Dollar234    Lunar Snake2013-P SilverThree Hundred Dollar200    Red Kangaroo1991-P GoldFive Hundred Dollar49112,00013,00014,00014,000Koala Type IV1992-P PlatinumFive Hundred DollarUnknown    Red Kangaroo1992-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar3,477    Red Kangaroo1993-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar911    Red Kangaroo1994-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar751    Red Kangaroo1995-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar975    Red Kangaroo1996-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar1,358    Red Kangaroo1997-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar961    Red Kangaroo1998-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar678    Red Kangaroo1999-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar512    Red Kangaroo2001-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar328    Red Kangaroo2002-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar185    Red Kangaroo2003-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar239    Red Kangaroo2004-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar252    Red Kangaroo2005-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar437    Red Kangaroo2006-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar499    Red Kangaroo2007-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar504    Red Kangaroo2008-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar615    Red Kangaroo2009-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar943    Koala Type III1997-P PlatinumOne Thousand DollarUnknown    Koala Type V1993-P PlatinumOne Thousand Dollar446    Koala Type VI1994-P PlatinumOne Thousand Dollar85    Koala Type VII1995-P PlatinumOne Thousand Dollar7    Koala Type VIII1996-P PlatinumOne Thousand Dollar13    Koala Type X1998-P PlatinumOne Thousand Dollar9    Koala Type XI1999-P PlatinumOne Thousand Dollar9    Koala Type XI2000-P PlatinumOne Thousand Dollar6    Lunar Dragon2000-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar214    Lunar Dragon2012-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar1,087    Lunar Snake2001-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar153    Lunar Snake2013-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar981    Lunar Horse2002-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar191    Lunar Horse2014-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar651    Lunar Goat2003-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar153    Lunar Monkey2004-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar265    Lunar Rooster2005-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar240    Lunar Dog2006-P GoldOne Thousand DollarUnknown    Lunar Dog2006-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar195    Lunar Pig2007-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar192    Lunar Mouse2008-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar128    Lunar Ox2009-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar153    Lunar Tiger2010-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar267    Lunar Rabbit2011-P GoldOne Thousand Dollar641    Red Kangaroo1991-P GoldTwo Thousand Five Hundred Dollar5,324    Koala Type IV1992-P PlatinumTwo Thousand Five Hundred DollarUnknown    Red Kangaroo1992-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar5,108    Red Kangaroo1993-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar1,007    Red Kangaroo1994-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar2,533    Red Kangaroo1995-P GoldThree Thousand Dollar850    123456789101112131415161718Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. Uncertified coins or coins graded by other services would likely be worth significantly less. For wholesale pricing please refer to the Red Sheet. While all attempts to ensure accurate pricing, data entry errors can occur and as such no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information published on this website. It is important to verify all published sales to ensure the accuracy of the pricing when making any purchase decision. Any personal information provided to us is protected by the Privacy Act 1988.