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Perth Mint

1986 - 2016


Twenty Five Cent1988 - 90Twenty Cent2009Fifty Cent1999 - 2016One Dollar1988 - 2016Two Dollar1992 - 2016Four Dollar2006Five Dollar1989 - 2014Eight Dollar2004 - 15Ten Dollar1991 - 2014Fifteen Dollar1986 - 2016Twenty Dollar2000 - 03Twenty Five Dollar1986 - 2016Thirty Dollar1992 - 2016Forty Dollar1995 - 98Fifty Dollar1986 - 2014One Hundred Dollar1986 - 2016One Hundred Fifty Dollar1991Two Hundred Dollar1991 - 2015Three Hundred Dollar2006 - 13Five Hundred Dollar1991 - 92One Thousand Dollar1992 - 2014Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollar1991 - 92Three Thousand Dollar1992 - 2014Ten Thousand Dollar1991 - 92Thirty Thousand Dollar2006 - 13
Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here.   MintagePR67DCAMKookaburra Type IV1992-P Proof SilverOne Dollar6,76673Kookaburra Type IV1992-P Proof Silver Eagle PrivyOne Dollar750 Kookaburra Type V1993-P Proof SilverOne Dollar5,12169Kookaburra Type V1993-P Proof Silver Eagle PrivyOne Dollar500 Kookaburra Type V1993-P Proof Silver Opera House PrivyOne Dollar15,000 Kookaburra Type VI1994-P Proof SilverOne Dollar3,726 Kookaburra Type VII1995-P Proof SilverOne Dollar4,880 Kookaburra Type VIII1996-P Proof SilverOne Dollar4,45062Kookaburra Type IX1997-P Proof SilverOne Dollar5,45068Kookaburra Type X1998-P Proof SilverOne Dollar3,70052Kookaburra Type XI1999-P Silver ProofOne Dollar3,700 Kookaburra Type XII2000-P Silver ProofOne Dollar5,100 Kookaburra Type XIII2001-P Silver ProofOne Dollar6,550 Kookaburra Type XV2002-P Silver ProofOne Dollar6,550 Kookaburra Type XVI2003-P Silver ProofOne Dollar6,550 Kookaburra Type XVII2004-P Silver ProofOne Dollar6,150 Kookaburra Type XVIII2005-P Silver ProofOne Dollar6,150 Lunar Rabbit1999-P Proof SilverOne Dollar4,000 Lunar Rabbit2011-P Proof SilverOne Dollar5,000 Lunar Dragon2000-P Proof SilverOne Dollar4,000 Lunar Dragon2012-P Proof SilverOne Dollar5,000 Lunar Dragon2012-P Proof Silver High ReliefOne Dollar7,500 Lunar Snake2001-P Proof SilverOne Dollar4,000 Lunar Snake2013-P Proof SilverOne Dollar6,00084Lunar Snake2013-P Proof Silver ColourisedOne DollarUnknown58Lunar Snake2013-P Proof Silver High ReliefOne Dollar7,500190Lunar Horse2002-P Proof SilverOne Dollar4,000 Lunar Horse2014-P Proof SilverOne Dollar6,000 Lunar Horse2014-P Proof Silver ColourisedOne DollarUnknown Lunar Horse2014-P Proof Silver High ReliefOne DollarUnknown Lunar Goat2003-P Proof SilverOne Dollar4,000 Lunar Goat2015-P Proof SilverOne DollarUnknown Lunar Goat2015-P Proof Silver ColourisedOne DollarUnknown Lunar Goat2015-P Proof Silver High ReliefOne DollarUnknown Lunar Monkey2004-P Proof SilverOne Dollar4,000 Lunar Monkey2016-P Proof SilverOne DollarUnknown Lunar Monkey2016-P Proof Silver ColourisedOne DollarUnknown Lunar Monkey2016-P Proof Silver GildedOne DollarUnknown140Lunar Rooster2005-P Proof SilverOne Dollar2,000 Lunar Rooster2005-P Proof Silver ColourisedOne Dollar1,000 Lunar Dog2006-P Proof SilverOne Dollar3,500 Lunar Pig2007-P Proof SilverOne Dollar3,500 Lunar Mouse2008-P Proof SilverOne DollarUnknown Lunar Ox2009-P Proof SilverOne DollarUnknown Lunar Tiger2010-P Proof SilverOne DollarUnknown The Duyfken2006-P Proof Silver ColourisedOne Dollar10,000 Year of Exchange2006-P Proof SilverOne Dollar80,000* Australian Peacekeepers2005-P Proof Silver Australian ArmyTwo Dollar2,500 Australian Peacekeepers2005-P Proof Silver Royal Australian NavyTwo Dollar2,500 Australian Peacekeepers2005-P Proof Silver Royal Australian Air ForceTwo Dollar2,500 Australian Peacekeepers2005-P Proof Silver Federal PoliceTwo Dollar2,500 Australian Peacekeepers2005-P Proof Silver AusAIDTwo Dollar2,500 Kookaburra Type IV1992-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar5,000 Kookaburra Type IV1992-P Proof Silver Adelaide Pound PrivyTwo Dollar500 Kookaburra Type IV1992-P Proof Silver NAA Logo PrivyTwo Dollar500 Kookaburra Type V1993-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar3,290 Kookaburra Type V1993-P Proof Silver Eagle PrivyTwo Dollar500 Kookaburra Type V1993-P Proof Silver Ingot PrivyTwo Dollar500 Kookaburra Type V1993-P Proof Silver Sovereign PrivyTwo Dollar750 Kookaburra Type VI1994-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar3,726 Kookaburra Type VI1994-P Proof Silver Edward VII PrivyTwo Dollar1,500 Kookaburra Type VI1994-P Proof Silver George V Small Head PrivyTwo Dollar1,500 Kookaburra Type VII1995-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar2,480 Kookaburra Type VII1995-P Proof Silver Melbourne Centenary PrivyTwo Dollar1,500 Kookaburra Type VII1995-P Proof Silver Parliament House PrivyTwo Dollar1,500 Kookaburra Type VII1995-P Proof Silver USA Eagle PrivyTwo Dollar800 Kookaburra Type VII1995-P Proof Silver WWII Peace PrivyTwo Dollar1,000 Kookaburra Type VIII1996-P Golden Eagle Privy Proof SilverTwo Dollar800 Kookaburra Type VIII1996-P Johanna Privy Proof SilverTwo Dollar1,500 Kookaburra Type VIII1996-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar2,600 Kookaburra Type VIII1996-P Spade Guinea Privy Proof SilverTwo Dollar1,500 Kookaburra Type IX1997-P Silver ProofTwo Dollar2,600 Kookaburra Type IX1997-P Silver Proof 1937 Florin PrivyTwo Dollar2,000 Kookaburra Type IX1997-P Silver Proof 1937 Penny PrivyTwo Dollar2,000 Kookaburra Type X1998-P Silver ProofTwo Dollar1,850 Kookaburra Type X1998-P Silver Proof Jubilee Sovereign PrivyTwo Dollar1,500 Kookaburra Type X1998-P Silver Proof Sydney Mint PrivyTwo Dollar1,500 Kookaburra Type XI1999-P100 Proof SilverTwo Dollar459140Kookaburra Type XI1999-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar1,850 Kookaburra Type XI1999-P Silver Proof 1930 Penny PrivyTwo Dollar1,500 Kookaburra Type XI1999-P Silver Proof 1932 Florin PrivyTwo Dollar1,500 Kookaburra Type XII2000-P Silver ProofTwo Dollar2,150 Kookaburra Type XII2000-P Silver Proof Victoria Cross PrivyTwo Dollar1,000 Kookaburra Type XIII2001-P Silver ProofTwo Dollar2,350 Kookaburra Type XIV2002-P Silver ProofTwo Dollar2,350 Kookaburra Type XV2003-P Silver ProofTwo Dollar2,350 Kookaburra Type XVI2004-P Silver ProofTwo Dollar1,950 Kookaburra Type XVII2005-P Silver ProofTwo Dollar1,150 Lunar Rabbit1999-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar2,500 Lunar Rabbit2011-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar1,000 Lunar Dragon2000-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar2,500 Lunar Dragon2012-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar1,000 Lunar Snake2001-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar2,500 Lunar Snake2013-P Proof Silver ColourisedTwo DollarUnknown Lunar Horse2002-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar2,500 Lunar Horse2014-P Proof SilverTwo DollarUnknown Lunar Goat2003-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar2,500 Lunar Goat2015-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar1,000 Lunar Monkey2004-P Proof SilverTwo Dollar2,500 Lunar Monkey2016-P Proof SilverTwo DollarUnknown 123456789101112131415161718Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. 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