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Perth Mint

1986 - 2016


Twenty Five Cent1988 - 90Twenty Cent2009Fifty Cent1999 - 2016One Dollar1988 - 2016Two Dollar1992 - 2016Four Dollar2006Five Dollar1989 - 2014Eight Dollar2004 - 15Ten Dollar1991 - 2014Fifteen Dollar1986 - 2016Twenty Dollar2000 - 03Twenty Five Dollar1986 - 2016Thirty Dollar1992 - 2016Forty Dollar1995 - 98Fifty Dollar1986 - 2014One Hundred Dollar1986 - 2016One Hundred Fifty Dollar1991Two Hundred Dollar1991 - 2015Three Hundred Dollar2006 - 13Five Hundred Dollar1991 - 92One Thousand Dollar1992 - 2014Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollar1991 - 92Three Thousand Dollar1992 - 2014Ten Thousand Dollar1991 - 92Thirty Thousand Dollar2006 - 13
   MintageMS67MS68MS69MS70Kookaburra Type XIX2008-P Silver GildedOne Dollar5,323    Kookaburra Type XX2008-P SilverOne Dollar300,0005254100190Kookaburra Type XXI2009-P SilverOne Dollar300,000909498500Kookaburra Type XXII2010-P SilverOne Dollar300,000838791460Kookaburra Type XXIII2011-P SilverOne Dollar500,000808487440Kookaburra Type XXIV2012-P SilverOne Dollar500,000747780120Kookaburra Type XXV2013-P SilverOne Dollar500,00072757798Kookaburra Type XXVI2014-P SilverOne Dollar388,83064666881Kookaburra Type XXVI2015-P SilverOne DollarUnknown100110520680Koala Type I2007-P SilverOne Dollar137,768180190200220Koala Type III2009-P SilverOne Dollar336,757889296490Koala Type IV2010-P SilverOne Dollar233,53196100100520Koala Type V2011-P SilverOne Dollar910,480727577120Koala Type VI2012-P SilverOne Dollar388,046626365140Koala Type VII2013-P SilverOne Dollar477,209727578100Koala Type VIII2014-P SilverOne Dollar109,38961636578Lunar Rabbit1999-P SilverOne Dollar63,644    Lunar Rabbit2011-P SilverOne Dollar300,000788285430Lunar Dragon2000-P SilverOne Dollar118,697200210230610Lunar Dragon2012-P SilverOne Dollar300,000100100110150Lunar Snake2001-P SilverOne Dollar71,301    Lunar Snake2013-P SilverOne Dollar300,00064666878Lunar Horse2002-P SilverOne Dollar99,632    Lunar Horse2014-P Silver GemstoneOne DollarUnknown    Lunar Horse2014-P SilverOne Dollar300,000130140150160Lunar Horse2014-P Silver GildedOne DollarUnknown    Lunar Goat2003-P SilverOne Dollar102,16498100100520Lunar Goat2015-P Silver GildedOne DollarUnknown    Lunar Monkey2004-P SilverOne Dollar105,68099100100520Lunar Rooster2005-P SilverOne Dollar92,691    Lunar Dog2006-P Silver Specimen ReverseOne Dollar98,825    Lunar Pig2007-P SilverOne Dollar87,009    Lunar Mouse2008-P SilverOne Dollar359,62398100100520Lunar Ox2009-P SilverOne Dollar300,000778083230Lunar Tiger2010-P SilverOne Dollar300,000100100110200Type IV2013-P GoldTwo Dollar9,188    Type V2014-P GoldTwo DollarUnknown    Type VI2015-P GoldTwo DollarUnknown    Kookaburra Type I1992-P SilverTwo Dollar84,7827778390510Kookaburra Type I1992-P Silver Holey Dollar PrivyTwo Dollar1,000    Kookaburra Type I1993-P SilverTwo Dollar35,329    Kookaburra Type I1993-P Silver Dump PrivyTwo Dollar1,000    Kookaburra Type I1993-P Silver Emu PrivyTwo Dollar1,000    Kookaburra Type I1993-P Silver Whales PrivyTwo Dollar1,000    Kookaburra Type I1994-P Silver Kangaroo PrivyTwo Dollar1,000    Kookaburra Type V1994-P SilverTwo Dollar39,603    Kookaburra Type V1994-P Silver Commonwealth Games PrivyTwo Dollar15,000    Kookaburra Type V1994-P Silver George V Large Head PrivyTwo Dollar1,500    Kookaburra Type V1994-P Silver Victoria Old Head PrivyTwo Dollar1,000    Kookaburra Type VI1995-P Proof Silver Federation PrivyTwo Dollar1,500    Kookaburra Type VI1995-P SilverTwo Dollar45,308150150160550Kookaburra Type VI1995-P Silver Ingot PrivyTwo Dollar500    Kookaburra Type VI1995-P Silver Royal Visit PrivyTwo Dollar1,500    Kookaburra Type VI1995-P Silver World Vision PrivyTwo Dollar15,000    Kookaburra Type VIII1997-P SilverTwo Dollar32,896    Kookaburra Type IX1998-P SilverTwo Dollar21,184    Kookaburra Type X1999-P SilverTwo Dollar20,60272370480540Kookaburra Type X1999-P Silver Five Silver Privy MarksTwo Dollar9,999    Kookaburra Type XI2000-P SilverTwo Dollar23,872    Kookaburra Type XII2001-P SilverTwo Dollar17,0508182410540Kookaburra Type XII2001-P Silver Five Silver Privy MarksTwo Dollar10,000    Kookaburra Type XIII2002-P SilverTwo Dollar15,696    Kookaburra Type XIV2003-P SilverTwo Dollar16,663    Kookaburra Type XV2004-P SilverTwo Dollar13,969    Kookaburra Type XVI2005-P SilverTwo Dollar14,082    Kookaburra Type XVII2006-P SilverTwo Dollar12,802    Kookaburra Type XVIII2007-P SilverTwo Dollar13,938    Kookaburra Type XIX2008-P SilverTwo Dollar20,083    Kookaburra Type XX2009-P SilverTwo Dollar20,991    Lunar Rabbit1999-P SilverTwo Dollar12,869    Lunar Rabbit2011-P SilverTwo Dollar99,494180200340720Lunar Dragon2000-P SilverTwo Dollar29,110    Lunar Dragon2012-P SilverTwo Dollar118,738    Lunar Snake2001-P SilverTwo Dollar14,062    Lunar Snake2013-P SilverTwo Dollar56,133140140150160Lunar Horse2002-P SilverTwo Dollar19,359    Lunar Horse2014-P SilverTwo Dollar61,110    Lunar Goat2003-P SilverTwo Dollar20,466    Lunar Monkey2004-P SilverTwo Dollar18,124    Lunar Rooster2005-P SilverTwo Dollar16,292    Lunar Dog2006-P SilverTwo Dollar17,106    Lunar Pig2007-P SilverTwo Dollar14,180    Lunar Mouse2008-P SilverTwo Dollar16,347    Lunar Ox2009-P SilverTwo dollar6,465    Lunar Tiger2010-P SilverTwo Dollar63,005    Kookaburra Type I1990-P SilverFive Dollar301,5007793470610Kookaburra Type II1991-P SilverFive Dollar301,500606383330Red Kangaroo1990-P Five Dollar132,308    Grey Kangaroo1991-P GoldFive Dollar114,664150160160550Common Wallaroo1992-P GoldFive Dollar117,333    Nailtailed Wallaby1993-P GoldFive Dollar177,705    Whiptail Wallaby1994-P GoldFive Dollar115,864    Standing Kangaroo2007-P GoldFive dollar14,983    Kangaroo Type IX1995-P GoldFive Dollar84,592    Kangaroo Type X1996-P GoldFive Dollar191,405    Kangaroo Type XI1997-P GoldFive Dollar140,465    Kangaroo Type XII1998-P GoldFive Dollar51,402    Kangaroo1999-P GoldFive Dollar43,147    Kangaroo Type XIV2000-P GoldFive Dollar37,220    Kangaroo Type XV2001-P GoldFive Dollar25,948    123456789101112131415161718Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. Uncertified coins or coins graded by other services would likely be worth significantly less. For wholesale pricing please refer to the Red Sheet. While all attempts to ensure accurate pricing, data entry errors can occur and as such no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information published on this website. It is important to verify all published sales to ensure the accuracy of the pricing when making any purchase decision. Any personal information provided to us is protected by the Privacy Act 1988.