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What Is My Coin Worth?

Valuing coins is simple, first you identify the coin, then you grade the coin, then you look up the value in the Blue Sheet.

Identify your coin

Identifying what your coin is considers four factors:

The date can usually be found on your coin though for coins of some countries this may be presented in local year formats or numbering systems.

The mintmark will usually be a small letter on the coin but can sometimes be a dot or dash. You can look up the relevant page on the Blue Sheet for guides in finding the mintmark.

The coin type can be done by simply comparing photos of the potential coin types on the Blue Sheet.

Varieties, like mintmarks can be determined by looking up the relevant coin pages on the Blue Sheet.

The strike type can either be a:

In most cases, unless specifically purchased as such or acquired through former mint workers or collectors, your coin will be a regular business strike.

To identify your coin, type the date and denomination into the box below.

Select the coin which matches up with your coins, please note that only local coins will be shown below, this site is unable to value foreign coins but you can visit our sister sites at the bottom of this page for some foreign nation's coinages.

Grade your coin

The next stage is involves grading your coin, by far the cheapest way to do this is to visit your local dealer. For potentially valuable coins, we highly recommend you get them certified by a reputable third party service such as PCGS or NGC but this can cost upwards of US$16/coin. These are the only two internationally respected third party grading services. While cheaper services do exist, these are generally a formalised alternative to the free appraisal from a dealer and offer no guarantees for condition or authenticity and as such dealers generally will not consider them.

Once graded you can look up an accurate valuation via the Blue Sheet. If your coin grades 60 or higher you will need a subscription to value your coin, you can subscribe from this link. A gold subscription will allow you to see exactly where your coin type has sold before, we recommend this when dealing with coins worth $500+ as the cost of the subscription will more than likely be less than the extra value you can obtain for your coin by selling it in the right market.

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