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1880-S Crenulated Reverse Half Sovereign

Young Head


The 1880 Sydney crenulated reverse half sovereign is a rare subset of the 1880 which features a toothed or crenulated reverse rimas opposed to the standard beaded type. It was struck at the Sydney mint as denoted by the S mintmark under the shield. One should be careful not to confuse the S with a 3 or 8 die number which were sometimes used by the Royal mint London.

This, crenulated reverse type

The Beaded reverse type

S mintmark indicating the coin was struck in Sydney

The 1880 Sydney with the crenulated reverse rim is the scarcer of the two varieties though at the AU level or inmint state there are a disproportionately high number of surviving examples making the issue seemingly more common in higher grades. Despite this, thevariety's rarity has kept prices strong in the higher grades.

The tails side of the coinA marking, usually a letter or dot that signifies which mint struck a particular coinThe raised part of a coin's designThe heads side of the coinA coin struck from an early circulation die state, not intended for circulationA number appearing on a coin indicating which die struck it used prior to 1880 in the United KingdomA coin struck as a representation piece of a coin that never eventuated(Monetarium (Australia) Pty Ltd, 2009)(Monetarium (Australia) Pty Ltd, 2009)(Melbourne Museum, 2016)(Melbourne Mint Australia, 2013)(, 2013)(Monetarium (Australia) Pty Ltd, 2009)(McDonald, G, 2008)(Marsh, M, A, 2004)(Downies, 2005)(Marsh, M, A, 2004)(Eigner, W, 2008)The state of a coin which has not been in circulationA coin bearing a slightly different design to the normal issueA coin bearing a slightly different design to the normal issue

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