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1860 Half Sovereign

Sydney Wreathed Bust


The 1860 is the scarcest wreathed bust half sovereign after the enigmatic 1855 and the third scarcest Sydney Mint date overall. It is estimated that there are fewer than 250 pieces surviving, most of which have some form of damage making certified examples rare. There were four problem-free examples offered at the Reserve Bank of Australia Sale from a total of 20 1860s (Downies, 2005) . Prior to this, 1860s were extremely difficult to acquire though they did turn up in dealers' bullion piles from time to time prior to the popularity of the collecting Australian half sovereigns spreading. The date is available in mint state , though PCGS has not graded any at this level and it is extremely scarce in problem-free VF or better, with the finest example sold through the Reserve Bank of Australia sale grading aVF (Downies, 2005) .

An 1860/5*overdate has been catalogued in some auctions but this is most likely a 6/6 repunch or double die as the lack of any digit under the 0 rules out it being an overdate.

a facility that produces coinsA coin struck differing from the standard design to commemorate an eventThe inscription around the inner edge of the coinThe heads side of the coinThe tails side of the coin(Reserve Bank of Australia, 2005)(Melbourne Museum, 2016)(Sydney Living Museums, 2016)(Sydney Living Museums, 2016)(Sydney Living Museums, 2016)(The Perth Mint Australia, 2016)(The Perth Mint Australia, 2016)(Macfarlane, I, 2005)(Melbourne Museum, 2016)Downies, 2005The state of a coin which shows no signs of circulationA coin with a numeral in the date punched or tooled over another numeralA variety which occurs when a coin is struck multiple times with a slight offset resulting in a slightly doubled design

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