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1852 - 1931


Adelaide Assay Office1852Half Sovereign1853 - 1918Full Sovereign1853 - 1931Two Pound1887 - 1902Five Pound1887 - 1902
   MintageVG8F12VF20XF40AU50AU55AU58MS62MS63MS64George V Large Head1922-S Full Sovereign578,00060061062071080087091098044,00079,000George V Large Head1922-P Full Sovereign2,298,8846006006106106206206207307802,100George V Large Head1922-M Full Sovereign608,3067508301,0002,5005,4009,00012,00021,00042,000110,000George V Large Head1923-S Full Sovereign416,0007508501,1002,7006,00010,00014,00026,00033,00081,000George V Large Head1923-P Full Sovereign2,124,1546206306406907107207308209301,600George V Large Head1923-M Full Sovereign511,129620630650700720730740840890950George V Large Head1924-S Full Sovereign394,0009201,0001,4002,2002,6002,7002,8004,5005,60014,000George V Large Head1924-P Full Sovereign1,464,4166206306406907107207301,5002,6004,700George V Large Head1924-M Full Sovereign278,140600600600620630640640650780840George V Large Head1925-S Full Sovereign5,632,000600600610640670690710730740860George V Large Head1925-P Full Sovereign1,837,9016206306507107407507601,2002,0003,600George V Large Head1925-M Full Sovereign3,311,662600600610610620620620740820840George V Large Head1926-S Full Sovereign1,031,050*6,2009,10014,00029,00036,00039,00040,00047,00074,00077,000George V Large Head1926-P Full Sovereign1,313,5788109101,1001,6001,9002,0002,5002,9003,5008,600George V Large Head1926-M Full Sovereign211,1076206306406907107207309201,0001,900George V Large Head1927-P Full Sovereign1,383,5446206306507007207307409501,1002,400George V Large Head1928-P Full Sovereign1,333,4176006106106306306406407408102,700George V Large Head1928-M Full Sovereign413,2089101,0001,3002,1002,5002,7002,8006,7007,7008,400George V Small Head1929-P Full Sovereign1,607,625600600610660700730750780860990George V Small Head1929-M Full Sovereign436,9381,0001,2001,6002,6003,1003,4003,5005,2006,60015,000George V Small Head1930-P Full Sovereign1,915,3526206206406907107207308208802,100George V Small Head1930-M Full Sovereign77,5886306406707407707908001,1001,3001,500George V Small Head1931-P Full Sovereign1,173,568*600600610640670690700730810860George V Small Head1931-M Full Sovereign57,8096306406707507908609602,0002,4002,600Young Head1887-S Crenulated ReverseHalf Sovereign134,000*          Young Head1881-M Half Sovereign42,0094106501,1002,3002,9003,3007,0008,0008,2008,400   MintagePR60PR61PR62PR63PR64PR65Sydney Filleted Bust1853 Half Sovereign4 known      Sydney Wreathed Bust1855 ProofHalf Sovereign3 Known      Sydney Wreathed Bust1856 Proof or PatternHalf Sovereign2 Known      Sydney Wreathed Bust1857 Plain Edge ProofHalf Sovereign4 Known      Sydney Wreathed Bust1866 ProofHalf Sovereign2      Young Head1871-S ProofHalf SovereignUnknown      Young Head1880-S Beaded Reverse ProofHalf SovereignUnknown      Young Head1883-S Crenulated Reverse - ProofHalf SovereignUnknown      Young Head1884-M ProofHalf Sovereign2 Known31,00037,00044,00053,00064,00079,000Young Head1886-M ProofHalf SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1887-S Normal JEB - Plain Edge ProofHalf SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1887-S Normal JEB - Milled Edge ProofHalf SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1887-M Normal JEB - ProofHalf SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1888-M PatternHalf SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1889-M PatternHalf SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1890-M PatternHalf SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1891-M PatternHalf SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1892-M PatternHalf SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1893-S PatternHalf SovereignUnknown      Old Head1894-M PatternHalf SovereignUnknown      Old Head1895-M PatternHalf SovereignUnknown      Old Head1896-M ProofHalf SovereignUnknown23,00027,00032,00037,00045,00054,000Old Head1897-M PatternHalf SovereignUnknown      Old Head1898-M PatternHalf SovereignUnknown31,00037,00044,00053,00065,00079,000Old Head1899-M ProofHalf SovereignUnknown      Old Head1899-P PatternHalf Sovereign1      Old Head1900-M ProofHalf SovereignUnknown      Old Head1901-M PatternHalf SovereignUnknown      Old Head1901-P PatternHalf Sovereign4      Edward VII1906-P Uniface Reverse PatternHalf SovereignUnique      Edward VII1906-S Uniface Reverse PatternHalf SovereignUnique      Edward VII1906-M Uniface Reverse PatternHalf SovereignUnique      Edward VII1902-S Matte ProofHalf SovereignUnknown      Edward VII1902-S Brilliant ProofHalf SovereignUnique      George V1911-S ProofHalf SovereignUnknown      Sydney Mint1853 PatternFull Sovereign4 Known      Sydney Mint Type II1855 PatternFull Sovereign4 Known      Sydney Mint Type II1856 PatternFull Sovereign2 Known      Sydney Mint Type II1857 Milled Edge ProofFull Sovereign3 Known      Sydney Mint Type II1857 Plain Edge ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Sydney Mint Type II1866 ProofFull Sovereign2      Sydney Mint Type II1870 ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Shield Type I1871-S ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Shield Type II1880-S ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Shield Type III1883-S ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Shield Type III1883-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Shield Type III1884-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Shield Type III1885-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Shield Type III1886-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      St George Type I1871-S ProofFull SovereignUnknown      St George Type II1873-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      St George Type II1874-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      St George Type II1875-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      St George Type V1880-S ProofFull SovereignUnknown      St George Type IV1881-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      St George Type V1881-S ProofFull SovereignUnknown      St George Type V1883-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      St George Type V1884-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      St George Type V1886-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1887-S Plain Edge ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1887-S ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1887-M Silver Large Head ProofFull SovereignUnique      Jubilee Head1888-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head Type II1888-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1889-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1890-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1893-S Plain Edge ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1893-S ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Jubilee Head1893-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Old Head1893-S Plain Edge ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Old Head1893-S ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Old Head1893-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown27,00032,00037,00043,00050,00059,000Old Head1894-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      Old Head1895-M ProofFull SovereignUnknown      12345Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. Uncertified coins or coins graded by other services would likely be worth significantly less. For wholesale pricing please refer to the Red Sheet. While all attempts to ensure accurate pricing, data entry errors can occur and as such no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information published on this website. It is important to verify all published sales to ensure the accuracy of the pricing when making any purchase decision. Any personal information provided to us is protected by the Privacy Act 1988.