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Australian Capital Territory


This twenty cent coin, featuring a design by an Australian student, was issued as both a business strike and a proof strike. It was released by the Royal Australian Mint in 2001 as part of their extensive program celebrating the Centenary of Federation and was included in two sets issued throughout the year: the AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL Territory Three Coin Set and the 20 Coin Centenary of Federation Collection. There were two versions of each of these sets released: proof and uncirculated. Accompanying this coin in the Australian Capital Territory Three Coin Set was the one dollar coin, bearing the logo of the Centenary of Federation. Also included was a fifty cent coin bearing the coat of arms of the Australian Capital Territory / Canberra. In total, there were nine of the three coin sets issued with each one paying tribute to a different state or territory that joined the Federation.

The twenty cent coin included in each set bears the competition-winning design of am Australian school child from the state or territory that the coin represents. The outer packaging for this set is yellow-gold, the state colour being gold, with text reading AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY 2001 and STATE PROOF COIN SET or STATE UNCIRCULATED COIN SET accordingly. The 20 Coin Centenary of Federation Collection includes all nine of the twenty cent coins featuring the designs of school children and all nine of the fifty cents coins bearing the coat of arms of each state and territory. The set was completed with the One Dollar Centenary of Federation and the Fifty Cent Centenary of Federation bearing the coat of arms of the Commonwealth of Australia. A metallic-like fabric presentation case large enough to house all twenty coins was issued along with the proof coin set, whilst the uncirculated coins were presented in an album on sealed information sheets. Text features on both styles of packaging included Centenary of Federations and States and Territories 20 Coin collection. (Royal Australian Mint, 2001)

Initials of designer Stacy Paine (SJP) on the 2001 Proof (ACT) Twenty Cent coin.

The reverse of this coin was designed by student, Stacy Paine, from Caroline Chisholm High School. Her design features a number of images which are iconic and representative of the territory including the floral emblem of the Royal Bluebell, the Centenary of Federation floral emblem, the Canberra Federation Roses, the flagpole from the Australian Parliament House, and the Federation star. The student's initials SP have also been integrated into the design. The denomination 20 is large and central overlaying the design. The legend surrounding the entire design reads "CELEBRATING THE AUSTRALIAN CENTENARY OF FEDERATION 1901 TO 2001". The obverse features the Ian-Rank Broadley image of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the surrounding legend reads ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 2001.

A coin struck from specially prepared dies to strike a superior quality coin not intended for circulationA coin which has not been circulatedThe tails side of the coinThe heads side of the coinThe inscription around the inner edge of the coinRoyal Australian Mint, 2001

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