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Centenary of Banknotes


To celebrate a century since the introduction of Banknotes into Australia the Royal Australian Mint produced an uncirculated three coin set. This set consisted of two twenty cent pieces and one fifty cent piece. The designs were completed by A. Baggio and were based on the original Australian ten shilling, one pound, and five pound notes.

During the late 19th century bank notes backed by gold were issued by commercialbanks around Australia.(Reserve Bank of Australia, 2017) After federation an act of parliament gave the Commonwealth Treasury absolute responsibilityfor issuing bank notes and removed legal tender status from commerciallyissued notes. The first governmentissued banknote, a ten shilling note, was created on the first of May 1913. Over the coming years a number of denomination notes were created - including One, Five, Ten, Twenty, Fifty and One Hundred Pound notes. Banknotes of the Australian Pound continued to be issued until the introduction of Decimal Currency in 1967.

Reserve Bank of Australia, 2017

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