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Ten Cent

1966 - 2016

The Australian ten cent piece was first put into circulation with the introduction of decimal currency in 1966 and continues to be circulated today. During these years three standard types have been issued, the first (1966 - 1984) featured the Arnold Machin portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II, the second (1985 - 1998) featured the Raphael Maklouf portrait, and the third (1999 - Present) features the Ian Rank-Braodley portrait. Some additional non-circulating types outside of these years have been produced as part of the Masterpieces in Silver collection.

Despite changes to the obverse, the reverse on these types has remained the same Lyrebird design by Stuart Devlin. Devlin's initials (SD) can be found on all of these types beside the birds foot. In addition to these main types a small number of additional commemorative pieces have also been issued in this denomination; they include pre-decimal re-strikes, a miniaturised variety, and a commemoration of decimal currency.

Currency in equivalent units of base 10The heads side of the coinThe tails side of the coinA coin struck differing from the standard design to commemorate an event

Type I1966 - 2006Type II1985 - 98Type III1999 - 2016Pre-Decimal Restrikes1999Gold Miniature2012Decimal Currency2016
  MintagePR65DCAMPR66DCAMPR67DCAMPR68DCAMPR69DCAMPR70DCAMType III2006 Gold Proof300      Type III2006 Proof60,5009.9011131626140Type III2007 Silver Proof3,475      Type III2007 Gold Proof300      Type III2007 Proof43,1331315182226110Type III2008 Proof40,612131619232791Type III2008 Silver Proof3,6003132343638190Type III2009 Proof41,5641214172023110Type III2009 Silver Proof2,225      Type III2010 Proof22,9469.6011131530240Type III2010 Silver Proof1,600      Type III2010 Gold Proof450      Type III2011 Silver Proof2,072      Type III2011 Proof26,8972226323948240Type III2012 Proof31,4451113161923110Type III2012 Silver Proof1,400      Type III2013 Proof23,9401417202427100Type III2014 Silver ProofUnknown131722283756Type III2015 ProofUnknown12151925321001930 Penny1999 Silver Proof15,000373941445193Gold Miniature2012 Proof1,999      50 Yrs Decimal Currency2016 ProofUnknown16202634458112Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. Uncertified coins or coins graded by other services would likely be worth significantly less. For wholesale pricing please refer to the Red Sheet. While all attempts to ensure accurate pricing, data entry errors can occur and as such no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information published on this website. It is important to verify all published sales to ensure the accuracy of the pricing when making any purchase decision. Any personal information provided to us is protected by the Privacy Act 1988.