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Dollar Decade


The 1994 Dollar was struck to commemorate ten years since the introduction of the one dollar coin in 1984. It features the one dollar note and the mob of roos one dollar coin on the reverse with 1984 across the top and 1994 across the bottom. The obverse features the standard Raphael Maklouf portrait of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The coin was not issued for circulation but rather only issued as part of the mint your own dollar series showing the C, S, or M mintmarks for Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne respectively. An additional 25,003 silver proofs were struck which do not bear a mintmark.

Sydney (S) mint-mark on 1994-S (Dollar Decade) One Dollar piece.1

The Australian pound came into being in 1910 and lasted until 1966. The currency was awkward, with each pound being subdivided into 20 shillings each of 12 pence. In the 1950's the economic importance of switching to a decimal currency became heavily discussed. The key argument was that the pound made financial transactions unnecessarily difficult, it was calculated that this difficulty caused the loss of more than £11 million to the Australian economy every year. After much political debate the 14th of February 1966 was chosen as Changeover Day - when the new Australian decimal dollar took over.

The tails side of the coinThe heads side of the coinA marking, usually a letter or dot that signifies which mint struck a particular coinA coin struck from specially prepared dies to strike a superior quality coin not intended for circulation

 MintageAU50AU55AU58MS64MS65MS66MS67MS68MS691994-S 74,47414141425293344772901994-M 79,256242526414651572409501994-C 105,09015151526293444140430 MintagePR65DCAMPR66DCAMPR67DCAMPR68DCAMPR69DCAMPR70DCAM1994 Silver Proof25,0034149597187110Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. Uncertified coins or coins graded by other services would likely be worth significantly less. For wholesale pricing please refer to the Red Sheet. While all attempts to ensure accurate pricing, data entry errors can occur and as such no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information published on this website. It is important to verify all published sales to ensure the accuracy of the pricing when making any purchase decision. Any personal information provided to us is protected by the Privacy Act 1988.