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Melbourne Commonwealth Games


The XVIII Commonwealth Games took place in Melbourne, Australia between the 15th - 26th March 2006. The Games included 24 disciplines held over the eleven days. There were athletes from 71 competing nations and territories. The opening ceremony contained the journey of the Queens Baton, which had travelled over 180,000 kilometres, continued down the Yarra River in the hands of the 16 Australian Football League captains. The baton was then handed to football legend Ron Barassi, then Olympic great Herb Elliott before entering the packed stadium. The baton travelled around the stadium in the hands of athletic champions Catherine Freeman, Ron Clarke and Marjorie Jackson-Nelson. The baton was presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by the Governor of Victoria, and former Olympian, John Landy.

The Royal Australian Mint commemorated the XVIII Commonwealth Games with the release of this sixteen coin series with each coin featuring one of the sports played.

Basketball2006Hockey2006Shooting2006Weightlifting2006Badminton2006Gymnastics2006Rugby Sevens2006Cycling2006Athletics2006Triathlon2006Netball2006Table tennis2006Aquatics2006Boxing2006Lawn Bowls2006Squash2006
  MintageAU50AU55AU58MS64MS65MS66MS67MS68MS69Basketball2006 21,9944.607.30102125465682420Hockey2006 21,0704.607.40102225485260300Shooting2006 21,0705.609.3013303570350460520Weightlifting2006 22,3326.60111537444953270350Badminton2006 22,2704.807.8010232730150200220Gymnastics2006 25,5749.801624627590160540690Rugby Sevens2006 24,4275.308.7012273238110510660Cycling2006 22,8614.507.201021243745230300Athletics2006 22,4754.807.801023274852260340Triathlon2006 22,3026.901116404857110510660Netball2006 22,4326.101014323744100500650Table Tennis2006 22,5026.901116404852260340390Aquatics2006 31,70258.1011252944220290330Boxing2006 22,6025.208.5012263137180240270Lawn Bowls2006 22,60258.1011252934110510660Squash2006 21,9024.90811254592460600690Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. Uncertified coins or coins graded by other services would likely be worth significantly less. For wholesale pricing please refer to the Red Sheet. While all attempts to ensure accurate pricing, data entry errors can occur and as such no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information published on this website. It is important to verify all published sales to ensure the accuracy of the pricing when making any purchase decision. Any personal information provided to us is protected by the Privacy Act 1988.