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Decimal Coinage

1966 - 2016

Australia adopted a decimal currency on the 14th of February 1966. Coins were issued in the denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents and notes were issued in $1, $2, $10, and $20 varieties. The designs for the new coins were completed by Australian artist and metalworker Stuart Devlin. These designs centred around Australia's iconic wildlife (Feathertail Glider, Frill-necked lizard, Echidna, Superb Lyrebird, and the Platypus). The only exception was the 50 cent piece which featured Devlin's interpretation of the Australian Coat of Arms.

The initial circulating set was altered in 1984 and 1988 with the introduction of the One and Two dollar coins respectively. The new one dollar coin was again designed by Devlin and features the famous 'Mob of Roos' design and the two dollar coin was designed by Horst Hahne and features an Aboriginal Elder. The circulating currency was again altered in 1991 when the One and Two cent pieces were retired. Throughout this period the obverse has featured one of three official effigies of HM Queen Elizabeth II. In addition to the standard circulating designs a large variety of commemorative coins have been issued to mark special events, people, or organisations that have impacted Australia.

The Royal Australian Mint has also produced a variety of higher denomination uncirculated coins for collectors. Like their lower denomination commemorative counterparts, these higher denominations often mark special events, people, or organisations. In a number of cases the mint has also released these higher denominations as investment pieces struck in either solid silver or gold.

One Cent1966 - 2012Two Cent1966 - 2012Five Cent1966 - 2016Ten Cent1966 - 2016Twenty Cent1966 - 2016Fifty Cent1966 - 2016One Dollar1966 - 2016Two Dollar1988 - 2016Five Dollar1988 - 2013Ten Dollar1982 - 2013Twenty Dollar1993 - 2013Twenty Five Dollar1992 - 2013Thirty Dollar2000 - 13Fifty Dollar2002 - 06One Hundred Dollar1995 - 2013One Hundred Fifty Dollar1995 - 2006Two Hundred Dollar1980 - 2006Two Hundred Fifty Dollar1992Five Hundred Dollar2012 - 13Three Thousand Dollar2012 - 13
   MintageAU50MS64MS65MS66MS67MS68MS69Type I1966 Sharp WhiskersOne Cent146,289,009162021222346190Type I1966 Blunted 1st WhiskerOne Cent238,990,000172223253553140Type I1966 Blunted 2nd WhiskerOne Cent26,620,000991701801804501,1002,400Type I1967 One Cent110,055,00014192021335369Type I1968 One Cent72,560,0001951647690130380Type I1970 One Cent72,600,23014192021232947Type I1969 One Cent87,711,176142732384452110Type I1971 One Cent102,483,57214242731354056Type I1972 One Cent82,439,06517181818181843Type I1973 One Cent140,740,92816212324262757Type I1974 One Cent131,745,47515192021222441Type I1975 One Cent134,805,12114151616233587Type I1976 One Cent172,975,004142022242644110Type I1977 One Cent153,558,01014263031323557Type I1978 One Cent97,323,00615192021223136Type I1979 One Cent130,409,00614181819212260Type I1980 One Cent137,992,00014161717212427Type I1981 One Cent224,020,00014242730343741Type I1982 One Cent134,485,95014151515162855Type I1983 One Cent205,780,70014192123242647Type I1984 One Cent74,885,01414181920213541Type II1985 One Cent38,470,00015222426293352Type II1986 One Cent180,00016161717202539Type II1987 One Cent122,200,00014171718192433Type II1988 One Cent106,409,97614161718182845Type II1989 One Cent168,150,60214181920222330Type II1990 One Cent53,096,766232727282851100Type II1991 One Cent147,90015171818193254Type III2006 One Cent87,40720232323233160Type I1966 Blunted 1st ClawTwo Cent217,735,000142428313585290Type I1966 Blunted 3rd ClawTwo Cent66,575,000405556692609002,700Type I1966 Sharp ClawsTwo Cent145,029,009142323243877260Type I1967 Sans SDTwo Cent73,250,000991501704301,0002,4004,900Type I1967 With SDTwo CentIncl. in above1524263277270900Type I1968 With SDTwo Cent16,999,0001633353874150420Type I1968 Sans SDTwo CentIncl. in above1202903901,9002,5002,8003,100Type I1969 Two Cent12,971,176172628313957210Type I1970 Two Cent39,912,23023272828284350Type I1971 Two Cent60,763,572161723304058110Type I1972 Two Cent77,609,06515161618233761Type I1973 Two Cent93,088,42823272727282889Type I1974 Two Cent176,772,97515212224265097Type I1975 Two Cent100,075,12114192122243745Type I1976 Two Cent121,922,00415202122232462Type I1977 Two Cent102,233,51014151516202682Type I1978 Two Cent128,745,50614222426293257Type I1979 Two Cent69,775,00614232629323666Type I1980 Two Cent145,703,00014202123253653Type I1981 Legend near edgeTwo Cent70,820,000       Type I1981 Sans SDTwo Cent81,064,000586507701,0001,4001,7001,900Type I1981 With SDTwo Cent97,510,00015161616253070Type I1982 Two Cent121,965,95015202123242660Type I1983 Two Cent177,382,70015192021223366Type I1984 Two Cent58,113,51418191919233044Type II1985 Two Cent34,670,00016262932364058Type II1986 Two Cent180,00022252525263542Type II1987 Two Cent200,000142325293255210Type II1988 Two Cent30,600,94017191919252884Type II1989 Two Cent43,150,60223272727282828Type II1990 Two Cent103,76621242424252536Type II1991 Two Cent147,90017181919273960Type III2006 Two Cent87,40724282828292963Type I1966 Long spineFive Cent30,067,25026313337772901,000Type I1966 Short spineFive Cent45,422,659263139444981300Type I1967 Five Cent62,144,0002028293133170480Type I1968 Five Cent67,336,000204452622509503,200Type I1969 Five Cent38,201,1763139404148220910Type I1970 Five Cent46,098,2301616171744320680Type I1971 Five Cent39,544,572202230354164260Type I1972 Five Cent8,295,06534444588170510910Type I1973 Five Cent48,846,92821242424442201,000Type I1974 Five Cent64,273,475192121293077290Type I1975 Five Cent44,286,121171919193564260Type I1976 Five Cent113,220,004152529323654230Type I1977 Five Cent108,928,0101419212330500900Type I1978 Five Cent25,280,006152021311608303,700Type I1978 MuleFive CentUnknown       Type I1979 Five Cent44,603,0062428292929190500Type I1980 Five Cent115,142,00014263035467501,100Type I1981 Five Cent112,384,0001921222437190860Type I1981 Wavy hair curlsFive Cent50,000,000       Type I1982 Five Cent139,763,9501418202131150450Type I1983 Five Cent131,723,700181919311608303,700Type I1984 Five Cent35,586,0141718182738190860Type II1985 Five Cent170,000253030315870270Type II1986 Five Cent180,00017181924314692Type II1987 Five Cent73,700,000182020203138190Type II1988 Five Cent103,724,44020232323284679Type II1988 MuleFive CentUnknown       Type II1989 Five Cent95,903,902171818182563270Type II1990 Five Cent33,355,766141920222344210Type II1991 Five Cent30,036,900182020222334320Type II1992 Five Cent51,677,028253030303140190Type II1993 Five Cent93,947,160182020223246210Type II1994 Five Cent146,799,900171919192839110Type II1995 Five Cent85,123,269242828294985110Type II1996 Five Cent79,346,500212525272943120Type II1997 Five Cent100,778,443283435353660250Type II1998 Five Cent88,637,918192121212251220Type III1999 Five Cent176,121,785323838385460250123456789101112131415161718Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. 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