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1935 Specimen Threepence

George V


The 1935 specimen threepence is a proof of record striking by the Melbourne mint. Contrary to popular belief, no commercial proof threepence were produced that year due to a lack of demand of the 1934 silver proofs (Verheyen, T, V, 2009). Proof dies were however produced with intention to strike commercial proofs but none actually eventuated. These dies were eventually used to produce the 1935 specimen strikes on normal circulation planchets. Business strikes were also struck from these dies leading to a number of semi proof-like circulation coins with are indistinguishable from the genuine specimen. One should take extra care to observe the provenance of 1935 specimen strikes before committing to any purchases.

A coin struck from an early circulation die state, not intended for circulationa facility that produces coinsA proof or specimen strike intended to represent a circulation piece produced for mint recordsA cylindrical punch with an inverted impression of a coin's design used to strike the coinThe piece of metal a coin is struck onA coin that resembles the appearance of a proof coin of the same type, often resulting from being struck from the same diesThe ownership history of a coin or other important collectible(Verheyen, T, V, 2009)
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