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1910 - 63

The sixpence series was first issued in 1910 at the beginning of Australian coinage. During its period of circulation four monarch were featured on the obverse - Edward VII (1910), George V (1911 - 1936), George VI (1938 - 1952), and Elizabeth II (1953 - 1963). Throughout these monarchs the reverse design remained W.H.J. Blackmore's interpretation of the Australian Coat of Arms. The sixpence series concluded in 1963 in anticipation for the introduction of decimal currency in Australia.

As the intermediate value piece within the denominations of the Australian Pound the Sixpence was heavily utilised. In a 1937 Newspaper article the material value of the Sixpence was well illustrated - "If you are a small boy you can buy that cricket ball you have always wanted, or that great big ice cream. If you are poor and cold six-pence will procure a hot cup of coffee and a meat pie."(Catholic Freeman's Journal, 1937) The overall usefulness of the sixpence gave it the shortest life-expectancy of any pre-decimal denomination. In 1936 a report by an officer of the Royal Mint emphasised that the Sixpence generally only lasted for 28 years before it is " thin and worn that it has to be withdrawn."(The Mercury, 1936)By comparison the Shilling was said to last for 41 years, the florin 45, and the three-pence 32.

The tails side of the coinCurrency in equivalent units of base 10The Mercury, 1936Catholic Freeman's Journal, 1937

Edward VII1910George V1911 - 36George VI1938 - 52Elizabeth II1953 - 63
  MintageVG8F12VF20XF40AU50AU55AU58MS62MS63MS64MS65MS66Edward VII1910 3,046,635263434425767731502904206101,300George V1911 1,000,00017192143761102202404608902,6006,200George V1912 1,600,0001820291002805906908408905,2005,7006,300George V1914 1,800,0002329396993952308101,7002,5003,6004,000George V1916-M 1,769,00018203170961101206501,1002,0004,4007,800George V1917-M 1,632,00020233167981802601,2001,4001,4002,7003,700George V1918-M 915,0003248791602203006201,5001,9003,0005,0008,900George V1919-M 1,521,00017182557881101203905307102,6002,800George V1920-M 1,476,000171820751402504701,0001,3001,6004,9005,400George V1921 3,795,28817182024272802905306507909702,700George V1922 1,488,000172029731101401706308701,2003,3007,900George V1923 1,453,03820233063891402404201,2002,1003,5003,900George V1924 1,038,1912126411302303105901,3001,7002,1004,2004,700George V1925 3,266,3072124335265881001909202,1003,2003,600George V1926 3,609,000161616371601701801901906401,0002,400George V1927 3,592,0401616173245691602603304101,0002,500George V1928 2,721,0001616213546701202402602701,2002,600George V1934 1,024,000171821323962823106008901,2003,900George V1935 392,000171824971902803507008302,1002,4004,800George V1936 1,800,000161616173032541101303604001,500George VI1938 2,864,0001719212934373964861102101,100George VI1939 1,600,000161617193141531303608401,4002,800George VI1940 1,600,000161617202538492002102203,1003,400George VI1941 2,912,0001617182020232873200260500890George VI1942 8,968,0001616171819232630741703304,100George VI1942-S 4,000,0001616161616345298110130610990George VI1942-D 12,000,000171718222425325978120370600George VI1943-S 4,000,00016161616182838642203605501,300George VI1943-D 8,000,00016171821232428334178140420George VI1944-S 4,000,00017171924262829304968100170George VI1945 10,096,000181921303539414455120170790George VI1946 10,024,0001515151616182840581201801,300George VI1948 1,584,00016172028333638556169360920George VI1950 10,272,0001617182427293037541603501,300George VI1951 13,760,000151515161620255766766501,000George VI1951-PL 20,024,00015161721232425394357130850George VI1952 2,112,0001515162440521002503101,3003,0003,900Elizabeth II1953 1,152,000151516202838661401702003701,200Elizabeth II1954 7,672,0001414141414172024283359160Elizabeth II1955 14,248,00015151619202124364095200270Elizabeth II1956 7,904,00015151617182228475490340710Elizabeth II1957 13,752,0001515151617172529316396210Elizabeth II1958 17,944,0001516161920212227313674320Elizabeth II1959 11,728,0001515151718202124396772320Elizabeth II1960 18,592,0001414141515222735374675290Elizabeth II1961 9,152,0001515151616162027303257120Elizabeth II1962 44,816,000141414141415171819283343Elizabeth II1963 25,056,000141415151521253335374350  MintagePR60PR61PR62PR63PR64PR65George V1911 Matte Proof2      George V1924 ProofUnknown      George V1925 ProofUnknown      George V1926 ProofUnknown      George V1927 ProofUnknown      George V1928 Proof3 Known      George V1934 Proof503,7004,0004,4004,9005,4005,900George V1936 ProofUnknown3,4003,7004,1004,5005,0005,400George VI1938 Proof100*1,8001,9002,1002,3005,9006,500George VI1939 ProofUnknown      George VI1945 ProofUnknown      George VI1946 ProofUnknown      George VI1950 ProofUnknown      George VI1951-PL ProofUnknown      Elizabeth II1953 Proof12      Elizabeth II1955 Proof3298790939598190Elizabeth II1956 Proof1,000919497100100130Elizabeth II1957 Proof1,256100100110110120180Elizabeth II1958 Proof1,50662646567100150Elizabeth II1959 Proof1,506808385889093Elizabeth II1960 Proof1,5095355565770110Elizabeth II1961 Proof1,506515253556399Elizabeth II1962 Proof2,01668707274100130Elizabeth II1963 Proof5,042424344454668  MintageEdward VII1910 Specimen28George V1911 SpecimenUnknownGeorge V1916-M Specimen60George V1917-M SpecimenUnknownGeorge V1918-M SpecimenUnknownGeorge V1919-M Specimen2 KnownGeorge V1920-M SpecimenUnknownGeorge V1921 SpecimenUnknownGeorge V1922 SpecimenUnknownGeorge V1935 SpecimenUnknownElizabeth II1955 Specimen880Elizabeth II1956 Specimen506Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. Uncertified coins or coins graded by other services would likely be worth significantly less. For wholesale pricing please refer to the Red Sheet. While all attempts to ensure accurate pricing, data entry errors can occur and as such no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information published on this website. It is important to verify all published sales to ensure the accuracy of the pricing when making any purchase decision. Any personal information provided to us is protected by the Privacy Act 1988.