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1910 - 63

The Australian Shilling was issued between 1910 and 1963. During this period four monarchs were featured - Edward VII, George V, George VI, and Elizabeth II. The reverse initially featured the Australian Coat of Arms before shifting to Kruger Gray's Ram reverse in 1937.

The tails side of the coin

Edward VII1910George V1911 - 36George VI1937 - 52Elizabeth II1953 - 63
  MintageVG8F12VF20XF40AU50AU55AU58MS62MS63MS64MS65Edward VII1910 2,536,069           George V1911 1,700,000           George V1912 1,000,000           George V1913 1,200,000           George V1914 3,300,000           George V1915 800,000           George V1915-H 500,000           George V1916-M 5,141,000           George V1917-M 5,274,000           George V1918-M 3,761,000           George V1920-M 1,642,000           George V1921-* 522,000           George V1922 2,039,924           George V1924 673,658           George V1925/3 Overdate1,448,794           George V1926 2,352,100           George V1927 1,146,000           George V1928 664,000           George V1931 1,000,570           George V1933 220,000           George V1934 480,000           George V1935 500,000           George V1936 1,424,000           George VI1938 1,484,000           George VI1939 1,520,000           George VI1940 760,000           George VI1941 3,040,000           George VI1942 1,380,000           George VI1942-S 4,000,000           George VI1943 2,720,000           George VI1943-S 16,000,000           George VI1944 14,576,000           George VI1944-S 8,000,000           George VI1946 10,072,000           George VI1946-P 1,316,000           George VI1948 4,132,000           George VI1950 7,188,000           George VI1952 19,644,000           Elizabeth II1953 12,204,000           Elizabeth II1954 16,188,000           Elizabeth II1955 7,492,000           Elizabeth II1956 6,064,000           Elizabeth II1957 12,668,000           Elizabeth II1958 7,412,000           Elizabeth II1959 10,876,000           Elizabeth II1960 14,512,000           Elizabeth II1961 31,864,000           Elizabeth II1962 6,592,000           Elizabeth II1963 10,072,000             MintagePR60PR61PR62PR63PR64PR65George V1921-* ProofUnknown      George V1911 Matte Proof2      George V1915-H Proof2 Known      George V1920-* Pattern7 Known      George V1924 ProofUnknown      George V1925/3 Proof OverdateUnknown      George V1926 ProofUnknown      George V1927 ProofUnknown      George V1928 Proof3 Known      George V1931 ProofUnknown      George V1934 Proof50      George V1936 ProofUnknown      George VI1937 Pattern10 Known      George VI1937 Uniface PatternOne in private hands      George VI1937 Uniface Pattern with denticles20 Known      George VI1938 Proof100*      George VI1939 ProofUnknown      George VI1945 Pattern3 Known      George VI1946 ProofUnknown      Elizabeth II1953 Proof12      Elizabeth II1955 Proof350      Elizabeth II1956 Proof1,000      Elizabeth II1957 Proof1,256      Elizabeth II1958 Proof1,506      Elizabeth II1959 Proof1,506      Elizabeth II1960 Proof1,509      Elizabeth II1961 Proof1,506      Elizabeth II1962 Proof2,016      Elizabeth II1963 Proof5,042        MintageEdward VII1910 Specimen28George V1911 SpecimenUnknownGeorge V1916-M Specimen60George V1917-M SpecimenUnknownGeorge V1918-M Pattern (0.500 Silver)2 KnownGeorge V1918-M SpecimenUnknownGeorge V1919-M Pattern2 KnownGeorge V1920-M SpecimenUnknownGeorge V1921-* SpecimenUnknownGeorge V1922 SpecimenUnknownGeorge V1933 SpecimenUnknownGeorge V1935 SpecimenUnknownGeorge VI1946-P Specimen6George V1920 SpecimenUnknownElizabeth II1955 Specimen851Elizabeth II1956 Specimen507Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. Uncertified coins or coins graded by other services would likely be worth significantly less. For wholesale pricing please refer to the Red Sheet. While all attempts to ensure accurate pricing, data entry errors can occur and as such no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information published on this website. It is important to verify all published sales to ensure the accuracy of the pricing when making any purchase decision. Any personal information provided to us is protected by the Privacy Act 1988.