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1938 Half Penny

George VI


In 1938, 7 months after the coronation of King George VI, Australian coins bearing his majesty's bust were produced. All denominations except the half penny and sixpence were produced bearing the new Kruger Gray reverse designs. The half penny would later get it in 1939. The 1938 half penny is a relatively easy date to acquire, with a high mintage figure of over 3 million pieces, date set collectors should have no trouble obtaining the date in circulated grades. In mint state the coin is also relatively easy to acquire due to its relatively unique appearance, pairing the Old reverse with the new bust of King George VI, a combination which would last just two years and as such the coin was frequently the target of hoarders.

Obtaining the coin above MS64 however, can still be quite a challenge with the date, like previous years being prone to surface hairlines limiting the grading.The coin is almost always well struck up with some early strikes exhibiting proof-like characteristics. Such coins are likely to have been struck from the commercial proof dies of which 100 proof half pennies were produced. The flat appearance of the proof strike tends to result in the proof-like examples, which were not struck on polished planchets looking rather dull and unlike the proof-like 1934 half pennies, proof-like 1938 half pennies do not tend to carry a premium over regular business strikes.

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