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1916-I Mule Half Penny

George V


In 1916 the Calcutta mint produced half pennies for Australia ( ) as neither the Sydney, Melbourne nor Perth mints were prepared to produce bronze coins. A very small number of 1916 half pennies were mistakenly struck with the obverse of an Indian one quarter anna though this was not discovered until June 1965 when Cecil Poole found one in Adelaide (Triton Technologies International Ltd, 2001) . This type of error is called a mule . The half penny can be identified by three distinguishing features:

  1. legend legend obverse
  2. No pearls in the crown of George V
  3. An elephant on the shoulder of King George V
There was much initial skepticism on the authenticity of the piece and in June 1966 and was heavily debated in the Australian Coin Review from November 1965 to January 1967. In June 1966 the piece was authenticated by the Royal Australian mint and in January 1967 by the British Museum and Spink & Son finally settling the question on its authenticity (Triton Technologies International Ltd, 2001) . It's incredible that such an obvious error had not been identified earlier but this could be easily justified by the lack of coin collectors of the time, since then an additional 4 examples have been discovered and 2 more possibly exist in private collections (Sterling & Currency, 2008) . Image: (Powerhouse Museum, 2010)

a facility that produces coinsThe heads side of the coinA coin struck with a significant enough or amount of flaws that it should not have been permitted into circulationAn error coin in which the obverse and reverse of two different coins are mixed togetherThe inscription around the inner edge of the coin(Triton Technologies International Ltd, 2001)(Sterling & Currency, 2008)(Powerhouse Museum, 2010)
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