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1913 Half Penny

George V


The third half penny struck for Australia was struck at the Royal mint London in 1913. Just over 2 million half pennies were struck that year though it is quite a difficult piece to find in mint state with no notable hoards having turned up. Mint state examples tend to be around the MS64 level though finding examples beyond this can be extremely difficult. Finding examples with original mint brilliance can also be quite a challenge and is often favoured over higher grade brown pieces. There are three variations in the date spacing and alignment for the 1913 half penny, the two most commonly attributed are the wide date and narrow date varieties though Dean indicates a third exists which is similar to the narrow date except with a slight variance in the alignment of the '9'(Dean, J, 1964).

Narrow date

Narrow date - alternate alignment of 9

Wide date

Images: (Triton Technologies International Ltd, 2000) The Wide date is scarcer than the Narrow date but out of the two narrow date varieties, it is difficult to ascertain the relative scarcity as dealers and collectors rarely distinguish the two varieties.

a facility that produces coinsA copper coin practically devoid of any original mint brillianceA coin which features a slightly different design from that which is normally seen(Dean, J, 1964)(Triton Technologies International Ltd, 2000)

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