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1912-H Half Penny

George V


In 1912 the Heaton mint struck 2.4 million half pennies for Australia featuring the mintmark H below the lower scroll on the reverse.

H Mintmark of the 1912 Heaton mint half penny

The year is reasonably common, though like the 1911, most mint state examples originated from the Baldwin mint roll though the 1912 examples tended to grade higher, right up to MS66!(Population Report, 2014) Also like the 1911 half penny, the obverse is often softly struck up precluding higher mint state grades in particular around the 2nd set of pearls in George V's crown. Care should be taken not to confuse a softly struck piece with an otherwise worn example. As with other Heaton mint issues, mint lustre is usually quite intense making it easy to recognise a softly struck mint state example.

Softly struck 1912 half penny

As can be seen in the above zoomed photo of a softly struck 1912 half penny's crown, the second set of pearls is quite flat but unlike the 1911 half penny, the cross on the orb is quite well defined. The Heaton mint also produced a specimen strike in 1912.

a facility that produces coinsA marking, usually a letter or dot that signifies which mint struck a particular coinThe tails side of the coinThe heads side of the coinA coin struck from an early circulation die state, not intended for circulation(Population Report, 2014)The state of a coin which shows no evidence of having been circulated

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