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1911 Half Penny

George V


The first year of Australia's copper coincided with the coronation of King George V in 1911, when the Royal mint London struck 2,832,060 half pennies and sent them by ship to Australia; Consequently the date often features numerous bagmarks and surface hairlines. The date is readily available in circulated grades though in mint state it's less common with only one notable hoard turning up, that being from a Baldwin's mint roll along with the 1912. Nevertheless, as the first year of issue, it was often hoarded by the public and as a result, the date does turn in the lower mint state grades from time to time. The typical mint state example would grade MS63 though does often go up to MS64. Finding examples beyond this, like most other copper dates, is very difficult and almost exclusively indicates Baldwin's provenance. The date is often softly struck up sometimes only showing 6 pearls in his majesty's crown, this should not be confused for wear, the presence of mint lustre can help differentiate between a softly struck piece and a worn piece though lustre on the 1911 is often subdued.

Softly struck up 1911 half penny

Above is a zoomed version of a softly struck 1911 half penny, graded MS63BN by PCGS, as you can see the pearls are difficult to make out and the cross on the orb is poorly defined. The Royal mint also produced a specimen strike in 1911.

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