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1938 Florin

George VI


In 1936 George VI was crowned King of the United Kingdom following the death of King George V and the abdication of King Edward VII. After a two year hiatus, the first George VI Florin was issued. It was designed by designed by Thomas H. Paget and depicts the crown-less King facing left.

The reverse of this type was also new, featuring a modified Australian Coat of Arms as designed by George Kruger Gray. The new design was released to provide a more striking image and depict all of the Australian states on the Coat of Arms. The new type was first struck on the 11th of February by Mrs R. G. Casey, the wife of the Federal Treasurer. The master of the Royal Mint stated that the coin was - "One of the most handsome coins I have ever seen."(The Argus, 1939)

The 1938 Florin had a mintage of 2,990,000 which was somewhat low for the George VI series. As the first year of the George VI type it seems likely that the coin was heavily hoarded which would explain why, despite the low mintage, the coin is not particularly scarce. PCGS has graded over one hundred mint-state examples of which five are MS65. Mint-state examples of this type are very affordable and easy to source.

The inscription around the inner edge of the coinSurface marks caused by impact from other coins during the handling process before the coin enters circulationThe tails side of the coinThe Argus, 1939

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