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Commonwealth Coinage

1909 - 64

Although Federation occurred in 1901, it wasn't until 1910 that Australia's first official coinage was struck. In 1910 the Royal mint London struck threepence, sixpence, shillings and florins with the copper penny and half penny coins struck in 1911. The first silver coins featured the Australian Coat of Arms on the reverse bearing Australia's iconic Kangaroo and Emu holding up a shield beneath the Federation Star with the wording Advance Australia on a scroll down below. The copper coins featured a partitioned inner circle with Commonwealth of Australia around the outside and the denomination in the middle.

These designs would later be updated with Kruger Gray designs in 1939 for the Half penny, 1938 for the other denominations except the sixpence which retained its original design. The half penny and penny feature a kangaroo, the threepence wheat stalks, the shilling a ram and the florin an updated Coat of Arms design. A crown was also struck in 1937 and 1938 featuring the British crown on the reverse.

Commonwealth coinage was the primary medium of exchange from 1910 to 1965 until the coinage was replaced with Australian decimal coinage.

The tails side of the coinCurrency in equivalent units of base 10

Half Penny1911 - 64One Penny1911 - 64Threepence1910 - 64Sixpence1910 - 63Shilling1910 - 63Florin1909 - 63Crown1937 - 38Square Trials1919 - 21
   MintagePR60PR61PR62PR63PR64PR65George V1927 ProofShillingUnknown      George V1928 ProofShilling3 Known      George V1931 ProofShillingUnknown      George V1934 ProofShilling502,0002,5003,1004,0005,1006,600George V1936 ProofShillingUnknown      George VI1937 PatternShilling10 Known      George VI1937 Uniface PatternShillingOne in private hands      George VI1937 Uniface Pattern with denticlesShilling20 Known      George VI1938 ProofShilling100*2,2002,8003,3004,6005,3008,000George VI1939 ProofShillingUnknown      George VI1945 PatternShilling3 Known      George VI1946 ProofShillingUnknown      Elizabeth II1953 ProofShilling12      Elizabeth II1955 ProofShilling35087100110130150210Elizabeth II1956 ProofShilling1,00047525975190210Elizabeth II1957 ProofShilling1,25689100110130160180Elizabeth II1958 ProofShilling1,50692100120130150180Elizabeth II1959 ProofShilling1,5066068768698160Elizabeth II1960 ProofShilling1,50994100120140160180Elizabeth II1961 ProofShilling1,506525865738293Elizabeth II1962 ProofShilling2,01666758597100120Elizabeth II1963 ProofShilling5,0424242455061110George V1911 Matte ProofFlorin2      George V1914-H ProofFlorin4 Known73,00095,000120,000170,000240,000350,000George V1915-H ProofFlorin2 Known      George V1920-* PatternFlorin7 Known      George V1923 ProofFlorinUnknown      George V1924 ProofFlorinUnknown      George V1925 ProofFlorinUnknown      George V1926 ProofFlorinUnknown      George V1927 ProofFlorinUnknown      George V1928 ProofFlorin3 Known      George V1931 ProofFlorinUnknown      George V1934 ProofFlorin503,2003,9004,8006,0007,6009,700George V1936 ProofFlorinUnknown      George VI1937 Uniface PatternFlorin15 Known      George VI1938 ProofFlorin100*3,1003,4005,2006,20013,00023,000George VI1939 ProofFlorinUnknown      George VI1945 ProofFlorinUnknown      George VI1947 ProofFlorinUnknown      George VI1951 ProofFlorinUnknown      George VI1952 ProofFlorinUnknown      Elizabeth II1953 ProofFlorin12      Elizabeth II1956 ProofFlorin1,000140150180200230260Elizabeth II1957 ProofFlorin1,256798897110190310Elizabeth II1958 ProofFlorin1,50698110120130150310Elizabeth II1959 ProofFlorin1,506100110130150180220Elizabeth II1960 ProofFlorin1,50996100110130150160Elizabeth II1961 ProofFlorin1,50692100110120140200Elizabeth II1962 ProofFlorin2,01666728088130180Elizabeth II1963 ProofFlorin5,04273818999130140Canberra1927 Matte ProofFlorin2 Known      Canberra1927 ProofFlorin4005,3006,6008,30010,00013,00017,000Canberra1927 Uniface obverseFlorin2 Known      Melbourne Centenary1934-35 ProofFlorin50 sold      Melbourne Centenary1934-35 Proof of RecordFlorinEst 6      Jubilee1951 Cupro-Nickel PatternFlorin4 Known      Jubilee1951 Cupro-Nickel Pattern (obv tooled)FlorinUnique      Royal Visit1954 ProofFlorinUnknown6,9009,00012,00016,00028,00031,000George VI1937 ProofCrown105*16,00020,00026,00034,00061,00069,000George VI1938 ProofCrown100*15,00019,00025,00045,00050,00053,000   MintageGeorge V1911 SpecimenHalf PennyUnknownGeorge V1912-H SpecimenHalf PennyUnknownGeorge V1916-I SpecimenHalf PennyUnknownGeorge V1919 SpecimenHalf PennyUnknownGeorge V1920 SpecimenHalf PennyUnknownGeorge V1922 SpecimenHalf PennyUnknownGeorge V1926 SpecimenHalf PennyUnknownGeorge V1911 SpecimenPennyUnknownGeorge V1911 Trial in LeadPennyUniqueGeorge V1912-H SpecimenPennyUnknownGeorge V1916-I SpecimenPennyUnknownGeorge V1920 SpecimenPennyUnknownGeorge V1921 SpecimenPennyUnknownGeorge V1922 SpecimenPennyUniqueElizabeth II1955 SpecimenPenny1,105Elizabeth II1956 SpecimenPenny508Edward VII1910 SpecimenThreepence28George V1911 SpecimenThreepenceUnknownGeorge V1916-M SpecimenThreepence60George V1917-M SpecimenThreepenceUnknownGeorge V1918-M PatternThreepence2 KnownGeorge V1918-M SpecimenThreepenceUnknownGeorge V1919-M SpecimenThreepence2 KnownGeorge V1920-M SpecimenThreepenceUnknownGeorge V1921-M SpecimenThreepenceUnknownGeorge V1922 SpecimenThreepenceUnknownGeorge V1935 SpecimenThreepenceUnknownGeorge VI1947 SpecimenThreepenceUnknownElizabeth II1955 SpecimenThreepence733Elizabeth II1956 SpecimenThreepence504Edward VII1910 SpecimenSixpence28George V1911 SpecimenSixpenceUnknownGeorge V1916-M SpecimenSixpence60George V1917-M SpecimenSixpenceUnknownGeorge V1918-M SpecimenSixpenceUnknownGeorge V1919-M SpecimenSixpence2 KnownGeorge V1920-M SpecimenSixpenceUnknownGeorge V1921 SpecimenSixpenceUnknownGeorge V1922 SpecimenSixpenceUnknown1234567Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. 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