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About the Blue Sheet

The Blue Sheet is a coin encyclopedia currently covering Australian, Malaysian, Hong Kong and Thai coins with an automated pricing system based on past sales.

The Pricing System

Prices are based on the weighted average of past sales of PCGS and NGC graded coins with Blue Sheet (retail) prices being increased based on the liquidity and trend of the coin in the specific grade and the Red Sheet (wholesale) being decreased. The more liquid a coin, the lower the margin between buy and sell is. Upward trends decrease this margin and downward trends increase it. The liquidity is calculated based on the frequency of recent sales and the consistency of the sale prices.

Where there is sufficient data available, e.g. for most Australian pre-decimal, general decimal issues and later gold issues, this pricing system produces incredibly accurate representations of real retail and wholesale pricing. Where pricing is completely absent, filler pricing is included, these will be presented in light grey and should only be used as a guide.

Pricing in grades above or below where we have sales are also estimates which will be presented in light grey, while these can be quite accurate when we have sufficient sales records in other grades, they too should only be taken as a guide.

Prices for Grade Suffixes

Please note if your coin has a grade suffix such as RD or DC, you may need to click on the coin to see the value. Unless otherwise specified, prices are for coins in BN or with no suffix holders, where coins in higher suffixes are available, pricing will be presented when you click on the coin.

Higher Mint State or Proof Grades

These are only available with a subscription.

A Note on Accuracy

While the Blue Sheet is extremely accurate where sufficient sales data is present, when data is absent which can be the case for extremely rare coins, the Blue Sheet prices can fall out of date. These are denoted by a price written in silver as opposed to the typical black prices. Red Sheet wholesale values, where lacking current sales data will typically be very conservative.

Past Sales Records

Past sales can be used to verify our sources if you have a Gold level subscription or above, just click on the row and it'll show you our sources. You can get a one month free trial of our Gold Subscription from the Subscribe page.


The Blue Sheet keeps automated statistics of the accuracy of pricing so that we can further improve our platform. Accuracy data is only kept for sales of PCGS graded coins where we have more than 5 sales records on file for the date. We have a benchmark aim for getting our prices within 20% of the sale, this is an incredibly strict benchmark considering print guides are typically many multiples out. Our current statistics are available below:


The Blue Sheet is an ongoing research project with constantly added articles and commentary. If we don't have information about your coin yet, check back later as we will eventually get around to researching it.


Please note that in using automatically calculated pricing based on manually entered sales, pricing can affected by data entry errors or outlying sales and as such we do not provide any guarantee or warranty for the prices stated within this website. Always make sure to double check the sales records to confirm the accuracy of prices.


Other Blue Sheets are available at:


The pricing system was originally developed by Walter Eigner in 2006 as a manually updated system based on all sales. In 2008 this was updated to be based solely on PCGS and NGC graded coins with manual sales entry and automatic updates and manual corrections. In 2016, Shannon Rajkitkul, former numismatist at America's oldest numismatic firm Stacks Bowers and Co-Founder and Head of Asian Operations of NumisBid Asia Ltd, joined the Blue Sheet and worked with Walter on the migration to a weighted average system working to factor liquidity into the Blue Sheet/Red Sheet margin algorithm to produce the most accurate coin price reference ever created.

We'd also like to extend a special thanks to Stacks Bowers for providing direct access to their auction results, Museum Victoria for its photos of some extremely rare pieces and the various other numismatic authorities referenced in this website.