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Australian Coin Values

1813 - 2016

The Blue Sheet is Australia's premier on-line coin valuation reference on Australian coins and the first Australian reference to value coins to the Sheldon numerical standard for more precise valuations. The Blue Sheet values Australian coins from New South Wales' Holey Dollar and Dump right up to our present circulating currency and provides a valuable insight into Australia's fascinating history through its circulating coins.

While technically coinage of the British colony of New South Wales, the Holey Dollar and Dump are widely considered to be Australia’s first coins. Authorised by the colony’s first Governor Lachlan Macquarie, the Holey Dollar and Dump hold their place as some of the most valuable Australian coins.

Following the gold rushes of the mid 1800s, the Sydney branch of the Royal mint opened its doors in 1855 to begin striking gold sovereigns and half sovereigns. Although these were British coins, the uniquely Australian design led to the consensus of these being Australian coins and are generally collected as such. These coins, along with the Adelaide Assay Office pieces can be found under the gold section of this site.

Australia struck her first coins in 1910 with the silver denominations of florin, shilling, sixpence and threepence. Copper coins were struck the following year with the denomination of penny and half penny - Australia never produced any farthings. These coins can be found under the Commonwealth Coinage section of the site.

On February 14, 1966 Australia converted to the decimal system and began producing coins with the denominations of one cent, two cent, five cent, ten cent, twenty cent and fifty cent. Although a one dollar was proposed, it wouldn't eventuate until 1984. These coins can be found under the Decimal Coinage section of this site.

In 1986, citing strong international demand, the Perth mint reopened and began producing a series of bullion coins in both proof and specimen finishes with gold coins struck in 1986 and silver coins later beginning in 1990. Since then a multitude of other commemorative coins struck in precious metal have been produced by the Perth mint. These can be found under the Perth mint section of the site.

Early Coinage1813Gold1852 - 1931Commonwealth Coinage1909 - 64Decimal Coinage1966 - 2016Perth Mint1986 - 2016
Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here.   MintageVG8F12VF20XF40AU50AU55AU58MS62Norman Lindsay2007 One Dollar33,693        Norman Lindsay2008 One Dollar46,504        Ashes2007 One Dollar49,438        Gallipoli2005 One DollarUnknown        Gallipoli2005-S One Dollar38,965        Gallipoli2005-M One Dollar38,727        Gallipoli2005-G One Dollar40,000        Gallipoli2005-C One Dollar88,424        Gallipoli2005-B One Dollar38,719        Anzac Centenary2014 One DollarUnknown        Anzac Centenary2014-M One DollarUnknown        50 Yrs Decimal Currency2016 One DollarUnknown        Citizenship2009-C One Dollar86,207        Ethel Pedley2014 One DollarUnknown        Rememberance2014 Two DollarUnknown        Coronation2013 Two Dollar995,000        Remembrance Day2012 Two Dollar5,799,000        Remembrance Day2012-C Two Dollar40,902        Type II1988 Two Dollar161,153,040        Type II1989 Two Dollar31,788,402        Type II1990 Two Dollar10,442,266        Type II1991 Two Dollar147,900        Type II1992 Two Dollar15,622,528        Type II1993 Two Dollar4,982,660        Type II1994 Two Dollar22,274,900        Type II1995 Two Dollar15,660,769        Type II1996 Two Dollar14,043,500        Type II1997 Two Dollar19,137,443        Type II1998 Two Dollar8,824,918        Type III2014 Two DollarUnknown        Type III2000 Two Dollar5,839,512        Type III2001 Two Dollar35,773,316        Type III2002 Two Dollar29,793,553        Type III2003 Two Dollar13,777,509        Type III2004 Two Dollar20,186,794        Type III2005 Two Dollar39,979,026        Type III2006 Two Dollar40,609,254        Type III2007 Two Dollar25,106,463        Type III2008 Two Dollar47,070,516        Type III2009 Two Dollar74,607,455        Type III2010 Two Dollar36,542,703        Type III2011 Two Dollar1,869,051        Type III2012 Two Dollar5,989,638        Type III2013 Two Dollar14,167,452        50 Yrs Decimal Currency2016 Two DollarUnknown        Flanders Fields2015 Two DollarUnknown        Parliament House1988 Five Dollar3,001,127        Paralympic2000 Five Dollar14,920        Australian Open Men's Champion2012 Five Dollar20,010        Perth Town Hall2012 Five Dollar2,000        Brisbane City Hall2012 Five Dollar2,000        Melbourne Town Hall2012 Five Dollar2,000        Sydney Town Hall2012 Five Dollar2,000        Royal Visit2011 Five Dollar27,144        Remembrance Day2011 Five Dollar36,395        Battle of Sunda Strait2002 Bi-metalFive Dollar76,467        Rowing2000 Five Dollar100,000        Hockey2000 Five Dollar100,000        Triathlon2000 Five Dollar100,000        Archery2000 Five Dollar100,000        Gymnastics2000 Five Dollar100,000        Sailing2000 Five Dollar100,000        Football2000 Five Dollar100,000        Weightlifting2000 Five Dollar100,000        Cycling2000 Five Dollar100,000        Aquatics2000 Five Dollar100,000        Modern Pentathlon2000 Five Dollar100,000        Kayaking2000 Five Dollar100,000        Athletics2000 Five Dollar100,000        Judo2000 Five Dollar100,000        Shooting2000 Five Dollar100,000        Boxing2000 Five Dollar100,000        Handball2000 Five Dollar100,000        Softball2000 Five Dollar100,000        Volleyball2000 Five Dollar100,000        Taekwondo2000 Five Dollar100,000        Equestrian2000 Five Dollar100,000        Wrestling2000 Five Dollar100,000        Baseball2000 Five Dollar100,000        Tennis2000 Five Dollar100,000        Badminton2000 Five Dollar100,000        Fencing2000 Five Dollar100,000        Table Tennis2000 Five Dollar100,000        Basketball2000 Five Dollar100,000        Phar Lap2000 Bi-MetalFive Dollar97,804        Royal Flying Doctor1998 Bi-MetalFive Dollar49,500        Bradman1996 Bi-MetalFive Dollar547,941        Bradman1997 Bi-MetalFive Dollar275,000        Enfranchisement1994 Bi-MetalFive Dollar250,328        Year of Space1992 Five Dollar238,979        Anzac Anniversary1990 Five Dollar774,349        Australian Open2005 Five Dollar62,556        Bradman Centenary2008 Five Dollar21,356        Voyage of Discovery2006-GZ Five Dollar17,110        Bradman Tribute2001 Five Dollar250,000        Baton Relay2006 Five Dollar45,377        Bicentenary of Tasmania2004-H Five Dollar21,402        Sydney to Athens2004 Five Dollar26,439        Rugby World Cup2003 Five Dollar43,802        HMS Investigator2002 ProofFive Dollar9,096        HMS Sirius2002 ProofFive Dollar9,096        Commonwealth Games Type III2002 Five Dollar11,145        Commonwealth Games Type II2002 Five Dollar11,145        Commonwealth Games Type I2002 Five Dollar11,145        Melbourne Games2006 Five Dollar36,980        Australian Capital Territory1993 Ten Dollar19,288        Northern Territory1992 Ten Dollar24,164        Tasmania1991 Ten Dollar26,150        Western Australia1990 Ten Dollar28,133        Queensland1989 Ten Dollar48,929        New South Wales1987 Ten Dollar55,000        South Australia1986 Ten Dollar52,150        Victoria1985 Ten Dollar81,751        Bicentenary1988 Ten Dollar111,497        Snowy Mountains Tunnel1999 Ten Dollar20,000        Snowy Mountains Dam1999 Ten Dollar20,000        Melbourne Tram1998 Ten Dollar20,000        Melbourne Cricket Ground1998 Ten Dollar20,000        Sydney Harbour Bridge1997 Ten Dollar20,000        Sydney Opera House1997 Ten Dollar20,000        Commmonwealth Games1982 Ten Dollar125,700        Kangaroo Road Sign2013 Ten Dollar782        Kangaroo Road Sign2013 Thirty Dollar46        Kangaroo Road Sign2013 One Hundred Dollar217        Royal Blue Bell2003 One Hundred Dollar852        Sturts Desert Rose2002 One Hundred Dollar900        Golden Wattle2001 One Hundred Dollar1,425        Cooktown Orchid2000 One Hundred Dollar1,060        Common Heath1999 One Hundred Dollar1,034        Sturts Desert Pea1998 One Hundred Dollar1,501        Kangaroo Paw1997 One Hundred Dollar1,800        Blue Gum1996 One Hundred Dollar2,057        Waratah1995 One Hundred Dollar2,803        Bicentenary1988 Two Hundred Dollar11,000        Arthur Phillip1987 Two Hundred Dollar11,000        Royal Wedding1981 Two Hundred Dollar77,890        Koala Type II1985 Two Hundred Dollar29,186        Koala Type II1986 Two Hundred Dollar15,298        Koala Type I1980 Two Hundred Dollar207,500        Koala Type I1983 Two Hundred Dollar88,000        Koala Type I1984 Two Hundred Dollar49,200        Norfolk Island2001 Twenty Cent2,022,100        Victoria2001 Twenty Cent2,033,142        South Australia2001 Twenty Cent2,337,042        Australian Wool2011 Twenty Cent30,002        Biscuit Star Fish2007 One Dollar25,093        Lifesaver2007 Twenty Cent68,141        Triple 02011 Fifty Cent29,201        Coin Design Competition2005 Fifty Cent20,502,806        Ballet2012 Fifty Cent20,117        Coronation2013 Fifty Cent25,002        Royal Wedding2011 Fifty Cent60,002        Australia Day2010 Fifty Cent11,463,140        National Service2011 Fifty Cent68,060        Moon Landing2009 Fifty Cent43,149        Remembrance2005 Fifty Cent20,843,026        Bathurst Race2013 Fifty Cent30,094        Centenary of Banknotes2013 Fifty Cent10,952        Diamond Wedding2007 Fifty Cent60,030        Shores Under Siege2012 Fifty Cent19,002        Kingsford Smith Type I1997-C One Dollar102,213        War Historians2011 Twenty Cent26,002        Army Chaplains2013 Twenty Cent15,002        Type III1999 Two Dollar35,823,785        Commonwealth Games1982 Two Hundred Dollar77,206        Platypus1990 Two Hundred Dollar8,340        Emu1991 Two Hundred Dollar6,879        Tasmanian Devil1994 Two Hundred Dollar4,000        Echidna1992 Two Hundred Dollar3,935        Squirrel Glider1993 Two Hundred Dollar3,014        Frilled Neck Lizard1989 Two Hundred Dollar10,020        Remembrance Day2012 ColouredTwo Dollar503,000        Kangaroo Road Sign2013 Five Hundred Dollar3        Royal Wedding2011 Twenty Cent10,172,088        Centenary of Banknotes Five Pound2013 Twenty Cent10,952        Centenary of Banknotes Ten Shilling2013 Twenty Cent10,952        Wheat2012 Twenty Cent20,000        International Womens Day2011 Twenty Cent6,780,500        Sentry2012 Twenty Cent19,002        Parliament House2013 Twenty Cent15,169        Fantasy Goose1967 Milled EdgeDollarUnknown        Koala Type I2008-P SilverFifty Cent13,944        Koala Type II2009-P SilverFifty Cent15,334        Koala Type III2010-P SilverFifty Cent13,315        Koala Type IV2011-P SilverFifty Cent76,755        Koala Type V2012-P SilverFifty Cent118,577        Koala Type VI2013-P SilverFifty Cent84,184        Koala Type VII2014-P SilverFifty Cent26,664        Lunar Rabbit1999-P SilverFifty Cent16,913        Lunar Rabbit2011-P SilverFifty Cent124,488        Lunar Dragon2000-P SilverFifty Cent52,956        Lunar Dragon2012-P SilverFifty Cent389,161        Lunar Snake2001-P SilverFifty Cent30,904        Lunar Snake2013-P SilverFifty Cent160,616        Lunar Horse2002-P SilverFifty Cent42,824        Lunar Horse2014-P SilverFifty Cent149,719        Lunar Goat2003-P SilverFifty Cent51,776        Lunar Monkey2004-P SilverFifty Cent52,792        Lunar Rooster2005-P SilverFifty Cent37,994        Lunar Dog2006-P SilverFifty Cent39,361        12345678910111213141516171819202122232425Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. Uncertified coins or coins graded by other services would likely be worth significantly less. For wholesale pricing please refer to the Red Sheet. While all attempts to ensure accurate pricing, data entry errors can occur and as such no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information published on this website. It is important to verify all published sales to ensure the accuracy of the pricing when making any purchase decision. Any personal information provided to us is protected by the Privacy Act 1988.