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Australian Coin Values

1813 - 2016

The Blue Sheet is Australia's premier on-line coin valuation reference on Australian coins and the first Australian reference to value coins to the Sheldon numerical standard for more precise valuations. The Blue Sheet values Australian coins from New South Wales' Holey Dollar and Dump right up to our present circulating currency and provides a valuable insight into Australia's fascinating history through its circulating coins.

While technically coinage of the British colony of New South Wales, the Holey Dollar and Dump are widely considered to be Australia’s first coins. Authorised by the colony’s first Governor Lachlan Macquarie, the Holey Dollar and Dump hold their place as some of the most valuable Australian coins.

Following the gold rushes of the mid 1800s, the Sydney branch of the Royal mint opened its doors in 1855 to begin striking gold sovereigns and half sovereigns. Although these were British coins, the uniquely Australian design led to the consensus of these being Australian coins and are generally collected as such. These coins, along with the Adelaide Assay Office pieces can be found under the gold section of this site.

Australia struck her first coins in 1910 with the silver denominations of florin, shilling, sixpence and threepence. Copper coins were struck the following year with the denomination of penny and half penny - Australia never produced any farthings. These coins can be found under the Commonwealth Coinage section of the site.

On February 14, 1966 Australia converted to the decimal system and began producing coins with the denominations of one cent, two cent, five cent, ten cent, twenty cent and fifty cent. Although a one dollar was proposed, it wouldn't eventuate until 1984. These coins can be found under the Decimal Coinage section of this site.

In 1986, citing strong international demand, the Perth mint reopened and began producing a series of bullion coins in both proof and specimen finishes with gold coins struck in 1986 and silver coins later beginning in 1990. Since then a multitude of other commemorative coins struck in precious metal have been produced by the Perth mint. These can be found under the Perth mint section of the site.

Early Coinage1813Gold1852 - 1931Commonwealth Coinage1909 - 64Decimal Coinage1966 - 2016Perth Mint1986 - 2016
Values for higher grade coins are only available with a subscription, for subscription options, please click here.   MintageVG8F12VF20XF40AU50AU55AU58MS62Elizabeth II1958 Threepence11,248,000        Elizabeth II1959 Threepence19,888,000        Elizabeth II1960 Threepence19,600,000        Elizabeth II1961 Threepence33,840,000        Elizabeth II1962 Threepence15,968,000        Elizabeth II1963 Threepence44,016,000        Elizabeth II1964 Threepence20,320,000        Edward VII1910 Sixpence3,046,635        George V1911 Sixpence1,000,000        George V1912 Sixpence1,600,000        George V1914 Sixpence1,800,000        George V1916-M Sixpence1,769,000        George V1917-M Sixpence1,632,000        George V1918-M Sixpence915,000        George V1919-M Sixpence1,521,000        George V1920-M Sixpence1,476,000        George V1921 Sixpence3,795,288        George V1922 Sixpence1,488,000        George V1923 Sixpence1,453,038        George V1924 Sixpence1,038,191        George V1925 Sixpence3,266,307        George V1926 Sixpence3,609,000        George V1927 Sixpence3,592,040        George V1928 Sixpence2,721,000        George V1934 Sixpence1,024,000        George V1935 Sixpence392,000        George V1936 Sixpence1,800,000        George VI1938 Sixpence2,864,000        George VI1939 Sixpence1,600,000        George VI1940 Sixpence1,600,000        George VI1941 Sixpence2,912,000        George VI1942 Sixpence8,968,000        George VI1942-S Sixpence4,000,000        George VI1942-D Sixpence12,000,000        George VI1943-S Sixpence4,000,000        George VI1943-D Sixpence8,000,000        George VI1944-S Sixpence4,000,000        George VI1945 Sixpence10,096,000        George VI1946 Sixpence10,024,000        George VI1948 Sixpence1,584,000        George VI1950 Sixpence10,272,000        George VI1951 Sixpence13,760,000        George VI1951-PL Sixpence20,024,000        George VI1952 Sixpence2,112,000        Elizabeth II1953 Sixpence1,152,000        Elizabeth II1954 Sixpence7,672,000        Elizabeth II1955 Sixpence14,248,000        Elizabeth II1956 Sixpence7,904,000        Elizabeth II1957 Sixpence13,752,000        Elizabeth II1958 Sixpence17,944,000        Elizabeth II1959 Sixpence11,728,000        Elizabeth II1960 Sixpence18,592,000        Elizabeth II1961 Sixpence9,152,000        Elizabeth II1962 Sixpence44,816,000        Elizabeth II1963 Sixpence25,056,000        Edward VII1910 Shilling2,536,069        George V1911 Shilling1,700,000        George V1912 Shilling1,000,000        George V1913 Shilling1,200,000        George V1914 Shilling3,300,000        George V1915 Shilling800,000        George V1915-H Shilling500,000        George V1916-M Shilling5,141,000        George V1917-M Shilling5,274,000        George V1918-M Shilling3,761,000        George V1920-M Shilling1,642,000        George V1921-* Shilling522,000        George V1922 Shilling2,039,924        George V1924 Shilling673,658        George V1925/3 OverdateShilling1,448,794        George V1926 Shilling2,352,100        George V1927 Shilling1,146,000        George V1928 Shilling664,000        George V1931 Shilling1,000,570        George V1933 Shilling220,000        George V1934 Shilling480,000        George V1935 Shilling500,000        George V1936 Shilling1,424,000        George VI1938 Shilling1,484,000        George VI1939 Shilling1,520,000        George VI1940 Shilling760,000        George VI1941 Shilling3,040,000        George VI1942 Shilling1,380,000        George VI1942-S Shilling4,000,000        George VI1943 Shilling2,720,000        George VI1943-S Shilling16,000,000        George VI1944 Shilling14,576,000        George VI1944-S Shilling8,000,000        George VI1946 Shilling10,072,000        George VI1946-P Shilling1,316,000        George VI1948 Shilling4,132,000        George VI1950 Shilling7,188,000        George VI1952 Shilling19,644,000        Elizabeth II1953 Shilling12,204,000        Elizabeth II1954 Shilling16,188,000        Elizabeth II1955 Shilling7,492,000        Elizabeth II1956 Shilling6,064,000        Elizabeth II1957 Shilling12,668,000        Elizabeth II1958 Shilling7,412,000        Elizabeth II1959 Shilling10,876,000        Elizabeth II1960 Shilling14,512,000        Elizabeth II1961 Shilling31,864,000        Elizabeth II1962 Shilling6,592,000        Elizabeth II1963 Shilling10,072,000        Edward VII1910 Florin1,259,250        George V1911 Florin950,000        George V1912 Florin1,000,000        George V1913 Florin1,200,000        George V1914 Florin2,300,000        George V1914-H Florin500,000        George V1915 Florin500,000        George V1915-H Florin750,000        George V1916-M Florin2,752,000        George V1917-M Florin4,305,000        George V1918-M Florin2,095,000        George V1919-M Florin1,677,000        George V1921 Florin1,247,112        George V1922 Florin2,057,858        George V1923 Florin1,038,464        George V1924 Florin1,582,674        George V1925 Florin2,960,000        George V1926 Florin2,487,250        George V1927 Florin1,420,970        George V1928 Florin1,962,000        George V1931 Florin3,129,682        George V1932 Florin188,000        George V1933 Florin488,000        George V1934 Florin1,674,000        George V1935 Florin915,000        George V1936 Florin2,382,000        George VI1938 Florin2,990,000        George VI1939 Florin630,000        George VI1940 Florin8,410,000        George VI1941 Florin7,614,000        George VI1942 Florin17,986,000        George VI1942-S Florin6,000,000        George VI1943 Florin12,762,000        George VI1943-S Florin11,000,000        George VI1944 Florin22,440,000        George VI1944-S Florin11,000,000        George VI1945 Florin11,970,000        George VI1946 Florin22,154,000        George VI1947 Florin39,292,800        George VI1951 Florin10,068,000        George VI1952 Florin10,044,000        Elizabeth II1953 Florin12,658,000        Elizabeth II1954 Florin15,366,000        Elizabeth II1956 Florin8,090,000        Elizabeth II1957 Florin9,278,000        Elizabeth II1958 Florin8,972,000        Elizabeth II1959 Florin3,500,000        Elizabeth II1960 Florin15,760,000        Elizabeth II1961 Florin9,452,000        Elizabeth II1962 Florin13,748,000        Elizabeth II1963 Florin12,002,000        Canberra1927 Florin2,000,000        Melbourne Centenary1934-35 Florin75,000*        Jubilee1951 Florin2,000,000        Royal Visit1954 Florin4,000,000        George VI1937 Crown1,008,000        George VI1938 Crown101,600        Type I1966 Sharp WhiskersOne Cent146,289,009        Type I1966 Blunted 1st WhiskerOne Cent238,990,000        Type I1966 Blunted 2nd WhiskerOne Cent26,620,000        Type I1967 One Cent110,055,000        Type I1968 One Cent72,560,000        Type I1970 One Cent72,600,230        Type I1969 One Cent87,711,176        Type I1971 One Cent102,483,572        Type I1972 One Cent82,439,065        Type I1973 One Cent140,740,928        Type I1974 One Cent131,745,475        Type I1975 One Cent134,805,121        Type I1976 One Cent172,975,004        Type I1977 One Cent153,558,010        Type I1978 One Cent97,323,006        Type I1979 One Cent130,409,006        Type I1980 One Cent137,992,000        Type I1981 One Cent224,020,000        Type I1982 One Cent134,485,950        Type I1983 One Cent205,780,700        Type I1984 One Cent74,885,014        Type II1985 One Cent38,470,000        Type II1986 One Cent180,000        Type II1987 One Cent122,200,000        Type II1988 One Cent106,409,976        Type II1989 One Cent168,150,602        Type II1990 One Cent53,096,766        Type II1991 One Cent147,900        Type III2006 One Cent87,407        Type I1966 Blunted 1st ClawTwo Cent217,735,000        Type I1966 Blunted 3rd ClawTwo Cent66,575,000        Type I1966 Sharp ClawsTwo Cent145,029,009        Type I1967 Sans SDTwo Cent73,250,000        Type I1967 With SDTwo CentIncl. in above        Type I1968 With SDTwo Cent16,999,000        Type I1968 Sans SDTwo CentIncl. in above        Type I1969 Two Cent12,971,176        Type I1970 Two Cent39,912,230        Type I1971 Two Cent60,763,572        12345678910111213141516171819202122232425Values are in AUD and are retail price estimations based on past sales of coins certified by PCGS or NGC and as such values only related to such graded coins. Uncertified coins or coins graded by other services would likely be worth significantly less. For wholesale pricing please refer to the Red Sheet. While all attempts to ensure accurate pricing, data entry errors can occur and as such no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information published on this website. It is important to verify all published sales to ensure the accuracy of the pricing when making any purchase decision. Any personal information provided to us is protected by the Privacy Act 1988.